Quinnipiac University, along with Gallagher Student, has developed a health insurance plan especially for students. The plan provides coverage for illnesses and injuries that occur on and off campus and includes special cost-saving features to keep the coverage as affordable as possible.

This is a hard waiver program, which means that all full-time students must maintain major medical insurance. A student may waive health insurance coverage if he or she presents evidence of other health insurance under a plan that provides benefits equal to or greater than the Quinnipiac University Student Health Insurance Plan. Students must document evidence of coverage and make an online waiver decision by the waiver deadline of June 12. For additional information regarding the plan, please visit www.gallagherstudent.com

The policy is as follows:

  • All incoming and returning full-time Quinnipiac students are required to have health insurance.
  • Action must be taken. Each student must "enroll" (opt in) to the plan or "waive" (decline to take) the plan.

How to submit an online enrollment or waiver form

  1. Go to www.gallagherstudent.com.
  2. Type in "Quinnipiac University" in the Find Your School box.
  3. Log in with your QU username and ID, then follow the instructions. 

Please note that this is an annual process that needs to be completed every year of eligibility. We encourage all families to review their current coverage before taking action on the Web site to ensure that their student's insurance needs will be covered in Connecticut as well as anywhere else in the world to avoid incurring unforeseen medical costs. To help in that decision, we have included some frequently-asked questions to help students in their comparison.

The questions below are meant to assist students as they review their current insurance plan to ensure that they are appropriately covered.

Will I be allowed to use services provided at the QU Student Health Services if I do not purchase this policy?
Yes, you will have access to all services provided in Student Health Services whether or not you purchase this policy.

Does your current plan have a high deductible?
More and more employer plans are offering health insurance options with very high deductibles. It may be more affordable to enroll in the Student Health Insurance Plan rather than satisfying your current deductible.

Does your current plan have local and national doctors and hospitals available to you?
Confirm whether or not your plan will cover you while away from your primary coverage area, at school, or traveling anywhere else in the United States.

Does your current plan provide non-emergency care (such as coverage for the flu) when you are away from home? Do I need a referral? How long will that take?
Because it is impractical to return home whenever care is needed, you should confirm that your plan covers non-emergency care while outside of your primary coverage area. While researching this, it is important to know if you need a referral to an out-of-area doctor and if there is a large deductible.

Does your current plan provide medical evacuation and repatriation coverage in case you are traveling and need to be transferred to another location?
Whether you are traveling between home and school, on vacation, or on co-operative training, confirm that the plan you select includes good coverage for medical evacuation, repatriation, and, when necessary, travel assistance services.

Additional questions regarding this plan can be addressed through Gallagher Student at 1-877-449-7939.

Students will be required to either ENROLL or WAIVE the Student Health Insurance Plan. If no action is taken, or a student enrolls in the insurance program, the annual cost of the plan will automatically be added to the student's tuition bill.

For more information, please visit the Student Health Services page on MyQ (QU username and password required).

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