Wellness Community retreat

Housing in the LiveWell community is offered exclusively to a limited numbers of first-year and sophomore students who are interested in living in a substance-free environment while exploring their strengths and overcoming challenges regarding community wellness, personal fitness, physical health, spirituality and emotional wellness.

Each community has dedicated resident assistants who are trained specifically for a wellness lifestyle.

Our LiveWell community is focused on creating an environment for students who are interested in becoming more aware of their strengths, and challenges in community wellness, fitness, physical health, spirituality, and emotional wellness.

Students who live in this community reside in a substance-free living environment that is supported through peer education and a commitment to educating students on keeping a healthy balance in their everyday lives.

While there are many components of a healthy environment, Quinnipiac University has identified two areas of focus for the LiveWell program:

  • Body: This involves making healthy nutrition, fitness and lifestyle choices that will contribute to the development of a happier and healthier life.
  • Mind: This area involves learning both in and out of the classroom. Opening up to new ideas and new experiences will help keep students' minds sharp and active.

To apply, please fill out our application online. If you have questions, please contact Residential Life at residentiallife@quinnipiac.edu.

What Students Say About LiveWell:

"I really enjoyed living in the first year wellness community. It has been very beneficial to my academic success and I have also met a lot of wonderful people in the wellness community. The people here share the same outlooks about a healthy and substance-free lifestyle, so it was easy for me to meet and make friends! I am so happy that I chose to live in freshman wellness because without it, I feel like my freshman year wouldn't have been as enjoyable. I don't regret it at all!"
-Jaclyn Neveu, wellness resident

"My experience in the first-year wellness community has been nothing short of fantastic. It exceeded any expectations that I might have had coming into my first year at Quinnipiac University. I met many great people and made valuable friendships that I would not trade for any other Freshman Housing experience." -Nicole Zebrowski, wellness resident

"It's good to have other peers who have similar values and it makes for an easier transition into the college life."
-Ruben Rodriguez, wellness resident assistant

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