The Department of Residential Life at Quinnipiac University is committed to excellence in the development of a living learning environment that contributes to student success.  The department values:

A commitment to creating an environment that promotes civility and respect, where students can become positive and active members throughout the University

A commitment to providing integrated learning experiences that encourages involvement, self-reflection, and personal growth

A commitment to creating a sense of belonging in a diverse environment where students explore, understand, and appreciate the unique differences within their community

A commitment to promoting sound moral and ethical principles that demonstrate a positive representation of the University community and respect for its members

Department of Residential Life Staff Directory

Mount Carmel Campus office - 203-582-8666
York Hill Campus office - 203-582-3615
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Central Office
Mark DeVilbiss, director of residential life, 203-582-8721

Melissa Karipidis, associate director of residential life (York Hill area), 203-582-8736

Michael Guthrie, assistant director of residential life (sophomore area), 203-582-8715

Cari Renn, assistant director of residential life (first year area), 203-582-3636

Bernadette Gentile, administrative assistant, 203-582-8666

Mount Carmel Campus
Andrew Lavoie, residence hall director, Dana, Irma, Larson, 203-582-3794

Katlyn St. Marie, residence hall director, Mountainview, 203-582-8734

Joseph Lehocky, residence hall director, Commons, 203-582-5292

Mallory Gatison, residence hall director, The Village (480-670), 203-582-8807

Brian Goepfrich, residence hall director, The Hill & Village 400-470, 203-582-8871

David Ferguson, residence hall director, Founders, Perlroth, Sahlin & Troup, 203-582-6483

Alycia Johnston, residence hall director, The Ledges & Bakke, 203-582-3341

York Hill Campus
Geroge Regan, residence hall director, Crescent rooms ending in 00-41, 203-582-8798

Valerie Hardt, residence hall director, Crescent rooms ending in 45 and above & Westview, 203-582-6442

Danielle Demers, residence hall director, The Senior Year Areas, Eastview, Townhouses, Whitney Village & Off Campus Houses, 203-582-8804

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