First-Year Residential Experience (FYRE)

The First-Year Residential Experience (FYRE) program is designed to help all first-year students have a positive transition into college life at Quinnipiac. This program focuses on the Department of Residential Life's core values of community, diversity, service and responsibility. The experience helps our students to build meaningful relationships with fellow residents in their hall and make lasting connections with the University-wide community.

Living FYRE
First-year students live in one of the following areas: Commons, Ledges, Larson, Perlroth, Troup, Irma and Dana. Beginning on move-in day, students are assigned a resident assistant, known as an RA, to help them with their social and academic adjustment to college life. In the beginning of the semester, the RAs work with residents to help them create a positive living environment. Residents complete roommate contracts by discussing issues such as sharing, study hours, cleaning and overnight guests. The contract provides an excellent tool to help residents adjust to sharing a room.

Traditions of FYRE
All first-year students participate in common experiences beginning with the summer orientation program, where they learn the Legend of the Bobcat and begin their acclimation to the Quinnipiac community. Once the semester starts, first-year students take a common course, QU 101, which focuses on the individual and the community. Students are encouraged to participate in FYRE programs which include FYRE Nights at the area, Resident of the Month, end of the year celebration, resident assistant programs, and RHC programming in the first year residence halls. Parents and students may direct questions to the residence hall director staff members in each first year area buildings.

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