A Message from Rabbi Reena Judd

Hereld House

Here at the Peter C. Hereld House for Jewish Life --our home--Jewish students can express what Judaism means in their lives. It is a place where their Judaism can grow and blossom--a space to reflect upon and share stories with their fellows. The house provides Jewish students an arena to sit, to relax-to look within and find their own comfort level "in Judaism--and in their lives."

My rabbinical mission is to facilitate and enable our Jewish students to pursue that which they need to actualize their Judaism. This is a house of blessing. It is a safe and nurturing home of religious comfort and tradition--a place where the sweet smells of Sabbath breads welcome us in, a space where dreidles spin and we are wrapped in the loving pages of G-d, Torah and Joy!

This Peter C. Hereld House for Jewish Life  is a testament to our vitality, vibrancy, resiliency and determination to come together in communal worship. This house is both our present and our future. As our hearts dance in song and prayer, our souls take genuine comfort in expressing our inner-most ancestral prayers. May our Jewish experience at Quinnipiac University continue to grow and be strong: Chazak Chazak v'ntChazek--may we go from strength to strength and may we be strengthened.

Rabbi Reena Judd
University Rabbi
Phone: 203-582-8206
E-mail: reena.judd@quinnipiac.edu

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