Office of Religious Life

The Office of Religious Life provides students spiritual and pastoral counseling, worship, sacraments and celebratory activities. The office provides students the opportunity to interact and become aware of the diversity of the Quinnipiac University community. The four University clergy members represent their own faith communities, and are the spiritual representatives at University gatherings such as Commencement and Convocation. They strive to create an environment which will enhance religious and spiritual awareness.

Father Jordan Lenaghan, Catholic chaplain, 203-582-8257,

Served by a full-time priest appointed by the Archbishop of Hartford, the Catholic Chaplaincy ministers to the students, faculty and staff of Quinnipiac University. Organized around four types of activity (prayer, study, community-building and social justice/service), the Chaplaincy offers an array of programs and activities designed to foster the spiritual, social and intellectual formation of the entire academic community. Central to deepening our identity as Catholic Christians, the Eucharist is offered at 4 p.m. each Sunday in the Clarice L. Buckman Theater, and in various locations throughout the week. Students also have regular opportunities to celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Overall, the mission of the QU Catholic Chaplaincy is to challenge both students and faculty to cultivate a more profound and mature engagement with their faith, while at the same time to help them, by drawing on the 2,000-year-old Catholic tradition, to meet the challenges posed by the contemporary human search for meaning.

Rabbi Reena Judd, University rabbi, Peter C. Hereld House for Jewish Life, 560 New Road, 203-582-8206,

Jewish life at Quinnipiac takes place at the University's newly refurbished Peter C. Hereld House for Jewish Life, located on New Road on the Mount Carmel Campus. Weekly gatherings are held for Shabbat dinners. High Holy Days begin with a festive dinner and services on the Holy Days; Rosh HaShanna services are followed by a delightful walk for Taschlich; on Yom Kippur break-fast is student-run. The group builds a Sukkah for annual 'Pizza in the Hut' and for Hanukkah a great party. For Pessach one seder is offered, which one differs each year. Learn more

Huzza Abu Rabia, Muslim chaplain, 203-582-6479,

The Muslim Students' Association brings awareness of the religion of Islam to the campus in a variety of different ways. The MSA holds events and programs that not only display the religious lives of many Muslim students, but that also celebrate the variety of cultures that Muslims come from. These events help create a better understanding of the religion and its followers, as well as bring a different cultural and religious aspect to campus life.

Andrew Ober, Protestant chaplain,

Quinnipiac Christian Fellowship exists to provide a space for Christian students to develop in their Christian faith and to facilitate broader engagement with the campus. Rooted in the Protestant tradition, QCF hosts events that are designed intentionally to appeal to a broad range of Christians and those of other or no faith. The group holds regular community Bible studies as well as weekly community gatherings. These events deal with questions of ethics, justice and other issues. Several times a year students from the fellowship attends retreats and service project, including a regular trip to New Orleans. Together the group also celebrates Christian holidays in the Protestant tradition. 

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