students at a Hereld House gathering

What is the current Jewish population on campus?
The current Jewish population on campus is approximately 325 students. We usually have at least 15 students at each of our events.

Does the University provide kosher dietary options on campus?
During Passover there are kosher foods for Passover meals in the cafeteria. All dinners include a large array of vegetarian options, so if any nonkosher meat is served, students who keep kosher have vegetarian options.

Will my son or daughter be exempt from class while attending Jewish holiday events?
Yes, students are exempt from class for holidays. All professors receive an e-mail when Yom Kippur, Rosh Hashanah or Passover interferes with classes. Your son or daughter may also observe other Jewish holidays. It is very important that the student discuss this with his or her professor in advance. Professors are usually very understanding.

What kinds of activities does the Peter C. Hereld House for Jewish Life provide?
The house provides an array of activities, including:

  • Shabbat dinners every other/every two weeks
  • Rosh Hashana/Yom Kippur services
  • Break Fast for Yom Kippur
  • Pizza in the Sukkah
  • Channukah Party
  • Passover Seders
  • Movie nights
  • Discussion learning sessions

Does the Peter C. Hereld House for Jewish Life have a membership?
The house does not have any membership requirements.

Does the Peter C. Hereld House for Jewish Life arrange visits for prospective students?
We do not have any official meetings, but any prospective student can request a meeting with the rabbi.

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