The Department of Campus Life believes that learning and education do not stop when you leave the classroom. It's our goal to further the growth and development of our students through a variety of programs and opportunities, including leadership development programs.

In all our interactions with students, we instill essential life skills that will enable students to be effective and responsible citizens. The core values of the Department of Campus Life are:

Supporting a strong sense of commitment by:

  • Creating an environment that values a diverse student body
  • Maintaining facilities that sustain the growth of group collaboration and peer interaction
  • Transitioning students into the University through orientation program
  • Offering a wide range of social and educational programming
  • Advising more than 80 student organizations

Promoting critical thinking by:

  • Exposing students to new, unique and diverse experiences
  • Meeting regularly with students to pose questions, raise concerns and provide guidance
  • Encouraging and evaluating students' personal and group goals
  • Helping students analyze multiple points of view on a local and global scale
  • Engaging students in a comprehensive leadership development program

Fostering individual responsibility by:

  • Educating students on appropriate and inclusive methods of communication
  • Helping students develop their character and ethical compass
  • Holding students accountable for their decisions and actions
  • Encouraging students to be mindful of their personal health and well being
  • Modeling compassion and empathy in relationships with peers, students and colleagues

In addition, the department offers several leadership development programs for students:

The Department of Campus Life offices are located on the fourth floor of the Rocky Top Student Center.
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