(1 cr.) Participation on the Moot Court Board allows students to build on the writing and advocacy skills developed in the first year Legal Skills Program. Students practice advocacy skills by presenting both written briefs and oral arguements, which are usually made before a panel of judges. Members of the Student Board, elected through an intramural competition held each Fall, compete in national and regional competitions with teams from other law schools. Successful completion of a student's first academic year of membership on the board, including participation in the competition used to elect members, entitles the student to one credit. One additional credit may be earned for participation as a competitor or competition editor during interscholastic Moot Court competition. A maximum of three credits may be gained for all participation in Moot Court activities. Moot Court Board credits are granted with the grade of pass. Any award of credit is based in part on the student's own preparation of a written memorandum or brief assented to by a faculty member and is subject to the faculty member's evaluation and review of the student's entire work in the competition. Every Year, All


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