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Health Care Business Transactions

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(3 cr.) This course gives students the opportunity to study health law as it relates to transactions in the health care industry. The course is structured around a set of standard health care business transactions. For instance: 1) A health system desires to provide professional medical services; students evaluate options for corporate organization, physician compensation, and related employment or service contracts; 2) A tax-exempt health system desires to create a joint venture with physicians to provide ambulatory surgery services; students evaluate corporate organization, tax-exemption and fraud and abuse issues, and review key terms of an Operating Agreement; 3) A health system is considering corporate governance issues; students evaluate different options and good governance practices and review key terms in relevant corporate documents; 4) A health system is considering contracting for medical equipment; students evaluate fraud and abuse issues and various key contract issues and provisions. (The professor may elect to use other types of transactions as new developments arise in the health care field.)


Law Spring 2020

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