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Symposium: Marijuana Law

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(1 cr.) The possession and sale of marijuana is a federal crime. Yet, the Justice Department has decided not to prosecute this offense (so far) in states that have moved to legalize some or all uses of cannabis. This situation has created all kinds of unique and fascinating issues around federalism: preemption, state versus federal regulation, business planning in the shadow of the law, legal ethics, regulation of illegal/legal drug purity, financing for a federally illegal activity, federalism and adherence to international treaty obligations, etc. Students explore some of these issues in a Symposium format, with a combination of readings, lectures, discussions, and guest speakers with expertise. The Symposium is open to auditors or drop-ins as well as those who would like to take it for credit. Topics to be discussed are publicized weekly. Papers are required of those taking the Symposium for credit. Prerequisite: LAWS 104, LAWS 102..


Law Fall 2019

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  • School of Law and Education Room 116