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Design of Steel Structures

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(3 cr.) The course synthesizes the fundamentals of statics, mechanics of materials and structural analysis and applies them to the design of structural members, with emphasis on satisfying real-world needs. Topics include an introduction to the design of structural systems, steel tension and compression members, beams and beam-columns and connections. All design is performed in accordance with codes and specifications used in current engineering practice. A comprehensive design problem requires development of a design methodology, consideration of alternative solutions and design of an optimal steel structure to meet stated functional requirements. Prerequisite: CER 310., Every Other Year, Spring


Spring 2020

Section 01

  • Instructor
  • Priscilla Fonseca
  • Days
  • T,TH
  • Time
  • 9:30 am - 10:45 am
  • Location
  • Tator Hall Room 107