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Community Needs Assesment Lab

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(1 cr.) Increasingly, law school students and graduates are expected to create their own practices or generate a new book of business, rather than being able to rely upon a book of existing business being handed down from senior and retiring attorneys. In order to build a new practice, attorneys must identify existing unmet legal needs in the community and then both leverage existing resources and develop new capacities to meet these needs. This course is designed to provide law students an opportunity to explore and apply community needs assessment tools developed by public health professionals to better define unmet needs in a community, understand barriers to meeting those needs, assess existing internal and external resources, and build effective practices or programs. Anticipated to take place in the spring semester, this course is specifically framed to allow the week of spring break to be spent collecting data in communities where travel is necessary. Prerequisites (needs at least 1): Current or prior enrollment in Public Health Law, Poverty Law, Environmental Law, Immigration Law, Family Law, Juvenile Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Negotiation, Education Law, Federal Criminal Law, Federal Income Taxation of Individuals, or International Law


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