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Practicum in Special Education II

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(3 cr.) This course is the second of two separate 3-credit practicums designed to provide each candidate professional practice and authentic experiences working with students who qualify under IDEA as needing special education and related services. For this Practicum, candidates must choose a completely different disability than they did in SPED 579. In addition to coursework, participants spend 36 contact hours observing, planning, instructing and assessing the students. Hours and reflections are recorded in a journal daily. Candidates must design and teach a 10-minute mini-lesson that is filmed. All data collected throughout each practicum is compiled in an e-portfolio, which catalogs the activities undertaken by the candidates including an analysis and description as well as artifacts collected. The candidate, the onsite cooperating teacher and the university professor meet during the practicum to outline the expectations, standards and activities necessary to successfully meet the requirements. Prerequisite: Successful completion of SPED 579 Practicum I. Every Year


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