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Int'l Human Rights Law & Trans. Justice

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(1 cr.) International Human Rights Law & Transitional Justice This year-long course will explore the tension between justice and peace; and, in the transitional justice context, the tension between justice and mercy. Topics may include, among others: the concept of human rights, guaranteeing human rights by treaty, human rights & foreign policy, transitional justice, truth & reconciliation processes, and women, peace & security. The course culminates, for students who are able to attend, in making a presentation at the annual Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates, which meets annually to engage in dialogue, discussion, and debate about current issues and challenges, promote significant international political and social campaigns, issue statements, conceive and create new initiatives, and hopefully send messages of inspiration and wisdom to the entire world. Since its inception in 1999, the Summit has convened in, among other cities, Rome, Hiroshima, Warsaw, Berlin, Paris, Barcelona, and, most recently, in Bogot√°. The course will prepare the students for their presentation by providing an education in the legal texts and historical readings relevant to each year's Summit. (2 or 3 credits: 1 each in the fall and spring, plus 1 credit for attending the Summit, earned in the semester in which the Summit occurs.)


Law Spring 2020

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