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Carrie A. Bulger

Professor of Psychology

BA, University of Minnesota-Morris; MA, PhD, University of Connecticut

College of Arts & Sciences


PS 265

(UC)industrial-Organizational Psycholog - Spring 2019

PS 101

(UC) Introduction to Psychology - Fall 2018

PS 401

Integrative Capstone for Psychology and Behavioral Neuroscience Majors - Spring 2019



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Center for Comm.&Engineer #091


I earned my PhD in Industrial-Organizational (I-O) Psychology from the University of Connecticut. I joined the Quinnipiac faculty in August 2000. In addition to teaching courses in I-O psychology, I am the current Chair of the Department of Psychology. My research interests are related to employee attitudes and well-being. In particular, I am interested in understanding the ways in which people’s lives at work and outside of work interact, both positively and negatively.

Research Interests

Although I broadly state that my research interests are related to employee attitudes and well-being, my actual research projects have focused on particular issues. Most recently, my attention has been on the interaction between work and non-work and the resulting positive and negative effects that interaction has for working people. I am particularly interested in how technology has affected the interaction between work and non-work as well as in understanding how the interaction between work and non-work changes (or not) as we age. In addition to work/non-work I have studied sexual harassment, attitudes toward affirmative action, and participation in labor unions.

Courses Taught

Most of the courses I teach are those in the I-O Psychology Concentration. So, I regularly teach Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Advanced Personnel Psychology, Advanced Organizational Psychology, and Occupational Health Psychology. I have been fortunate to have been able to teach special topics courses during my time here at QU. One course, Diversity Issues in Workplace Psychology, was focused on employment laws and the experiences of people of diverse backgrounds in the workplace. Because strong quantitative skills are important for I-O psychologists, I have also devoted some of my teaching time to our course Introduction to Statistics in Psychology. I also really enjoy teaching several of the courses that all of our majors take, including Introduction to Psychology, History of Psychology, and Senior Seminar in Psychology.

Honors & Awards

I am proud to say that in October 2005, I was awarded one of three Excellence in Teaching awards for the year.

Significant Administrative Duties

2010-present: Chair, Department of Psychology 2000-present: Coordinator, Industrial/Organizational Psychology Concentration

Educational Background

I earned my undergraduate degree from the University of Minnesota, Morris--consistently ranked a Top 10 Public Liberal Arts college by U.S.News and World Report. My major was psychology, and I completed a minor in management. I earned both a master's degree and my doctorate from the University of Connecticut in Industrial/Organizational Psychology.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles Kath, L.M., Bulger, C.A., Holzworth, R.J. & Galleta, J.A. (2014). Judgments of Sexual Harassment Court Case Summaries. Journal of Business and Psychology, 29, 705-723. DOI 10.1007/s10869-014-9355-8 Matthews, R.A., Barnes-Farrell, J.L., & Bulger, C.A. (2010). Advancing measurement of work and family domain boundary characteristics. Journal of Vocational Behavior, 77, 447-460. Matthews, R.A., Bulger, C.A., & Barnes-Farrell, J.L. (2010). Work social supports, role stressors, and work-family conflict: The moderating effect of age. Journal of Vocational Behavior, 76, 78-90. Fisher, G.G., Bulger, C.A., & Smith, C. (2009). Beyond work and family: A measure of work/non-work interference and enhancement. Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, 14, 441-456. Book Chapters Bulger, C.A. (2013). Self-conscious emotions: A new direction for emotion research in occupational stress and well-being. In P. Perrewé, J. Halbesleben, and C. Rosen (Eds.), Research in Occupational Health and Well-being (Vol. 11, pp. 225-256): The Role of Emotion and Emotion Regulation. Cambridge, MA: Emerald Group Publishing. Bulger, C.A. & Fisher, G.G. (2012). Ethical imperatives of work/life balance. In N.P. Reilly, M.J. Sirgy, and C.A. Gorman (Eds.) Work and Quality of Life: Ethical Practices in Organizations (pp. 181-201). New York: Springer.

Selected Workshops & Presentations

Presentations Bulger, C.A. Collaboration in an online course: Virtual teams in I/O psychology. In J.A. Bunk (Chair), Using Teaching Technology in the I/O Classroom. Symposium to be presented at the 30th Annual Conference of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Philadelphia, April 2015. Bulger, C.A., Hoffman, M.E., & McKersie, S.J. “So easy…so challenging”: Smart technologies as boundary management tools. In A. Rogers (Chair), Electronic cottage or electronic prison? Technology and work-life balance. Symposium presented at the 29th Annual Conference of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Honolulu, May 2014. Glynn, C.D. & Bulger, C.A. Guilt, shame, segmentation preferences and work/personal life domain crossing online. Paper presented in S. Culbertson (Chair), Affect, guilt, shame, and ruminations: Exploring emotions in work-family interactions. Symposium presented at the 28th Annual Conference of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Houston, April 2013. Posters Hoffman, A.J.; & Bulger, C.A. Examining the effects of goal orientation, self-efficacy and interest on academic motivation. Poster presented at the 25th Annual Convention of the Association for Psychological Science. Washington D.C., May 2013. Bulger, C.A., & Glynn, C.D. Anticipated reactions to crossing work/personal life boundaries online: Self-focused emotions, planning and work/personal life interference. Poster presented at the 10th International Conference on Occupational Stress and Health “Protecting and Promoting Total Worker Health™”, Los Angeles, May 2013.