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Tara J. Glennon

Professor of Occupational Therapy

BS, Quinnipiac University; MS, Southern Connecticut State University; EdD, Argosy University/Sarasota

School of Health Sciences


OT 531

Sensory Processing and Integration - Spring 2019

OT 670

Leadership in Program Development/Business - Spring 2019

OT 531L

Sensory Processing and Integration Lab - Spring 2019

OT 570

Capstone Graduate Projects - Spring 2019

OT 680

Capstone I - Fall 2018

OT 550

OT Research Methods - Fall 2018

OT 681

Capstone II - Spring 2019


Occupational Therapy

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(203) 582-8293

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Dr. Glennon has had a long-standing devotion to pediatric practice, evident in her clinical work and scholarly endeavors. As a clinician, Tara has specialized in the pediatric domain of practice since 1985 and was among the original group of four therapists in Connecticut to receive Board certification as a pediatric specialist from AOTA. She owns the Center for Pediatric Therapy, a pediatric private practice here in Connecticut, and has recently begun a web resource for pediatric clinicians called OT for Kids. Dr. Glennon has authored numerous works on pediatric practice and has lectured extensively on both the local and national levels. Her AOTA Roster of Fellows award for her commitment to Professional and Community Education in Pediatrics clearly exemplifies her national work in this area. From the student perspective, they simply know her as the professor who is often on the floor demonstrating childhood movement patterns or jumping into the ball-pit in order to illustrate how to children play!

Courses Taught

Dr. Glennon first began teaching the pediatric sensory integration content at Quinnipiac as an adjunct faculty member in 1990. When she became full time faculty in 1994, she assumed more of the pediatric coursework. When Quinnipiac transitioned to a Master's program, Dr. Glennon developed and continues to teach the graduate student research course and also mentors the graduate students with their capstone projects.

Work Experience

Tara has always focused her clinical attention to the pediatric area of practice. She opened her first private practic office in 1992. In fact, it was her clinical experience that afforded her the opportunity to obtain an adjunct teaching position at Quinnipiac. Currently, the Center for Pediatric Therapy has two offices in Connecticut (Fairfield and Wallingford). Her continued clinical practice allows students to hear real life stories, watch actual footage of therapy sessions, and visit the clinic to assimilate how to utilize therapy equipment. You should see the students swing on the suspended equipment! Go to the Center for Pediatric Therapy website for additional information.

Center for Pediatric Therapy

Tara and student at the Center for Pediatric Therapy

Research Interests

Dr. Glennon and her colleagues published the Sensory Processing Measure (SPM) in 2007, the SPM-Preschool in 2010, and are currently developing the infant and teen versions of the Sensory Processing Measure.



Honors & Awards

2002 Fellow of the American Occupational Therapy Association for Professional and Community Education in Pediatrics. 2008 Recognition of Achievement Award. SPM: A Sensory-Based School Assessment to Enhance Consumer Services. 2009 Connecticut OT Association's Award of Merit: "Having achieved an outstanding accomplishment in research or clinical practice through scholarship or innovation. 2011 AOTA's Jeanette Bair Writer’s Award The Jeanette Bair Writer’s Award recognizes members of AOTA who publish an article in OT Practice that inspires occupational therapy practitioners to use their management and leadership skills to create better access to OT services and to promote the profession with their knowledge and expertise. Awarded for the article with Professor Tracy Van Oss (see pictures below): “Identifying and Promoting Professional Behavior: Best practices for establishing, maintaining, and improving professional behavior by occupational therapy practitioners.

2011 AOTA Award Ceremony

Tara and Tracy getting award

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Glennon's CV is attached here for your review.

Glennon cv 01/2016

Work In Progress

Dr. Glennon, along with Heather Miller-Kuhaneck (Sacred Heart University), Diana Henry (private practice), Diane Parham (University of New Mexico), and Cheryl Ecker (private practice), published the Sensory Processing Measure through Western Psychological Services in 2007. This tool assesses sensory intergrative skills in children ages 5 through 12 in both school and home environments. The preschool version (SPM-P for children 2 through 5 years) was published in 2010 (see our picture at the Annual AOTA conference when this product was launched). Please visit the SPM website for additional information on these tools. And look for additional versions for infants and middle/high school students soon!

SPM-P launch at the Annual AOTA conference

All Publications

See Dr. Glennon's CV for publications and presentations. The following two articles were written with MOT students based on their capstone projects!

Article in OT Practice (p. 7-9) with Allison Marks (MOT Class of 2009)

Article in OT Practice with Lisa Juckett (MOT Class of 2009)

Community / Practive Activities

In 2015, Dr. Glennon joined OT & PT students on service learning trips. The Guatemala experience was with 13 students (see pictures attached) servicing children in the community, in their homes, and in the burn hospital and neurological institute. The second trip, with PT professor Don Kowalsky, was to Camp No Limits (see pictures attached) in order to prepare for Camp No Limits - The College Experience, hosted by Quinnipiac in July 2015!

Guatemala OT-PT student group shots

Guatemala OT-PT student group shots

Guatemala OT-PT student group shots

Guatemala OT-PT students in action

Guatemala OT-PT students in action