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Michele Hoffnung

Professor Emerita
Part-Time Faculty

AB, Rutgers University Douglass College; PhD, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor



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Selected Articles

Hoffnung, M. (2010). Studying women???s lives: Family focus in the 30s. In E. S. Adler & R. Clark (eds.), How it's done: An invitation to social research, 4th edition. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth. Hoffnung, M. (2006). What???s in a name? Marital name choice revisited. Sex Roles, 55, 817-825. Hoffnung, M. (2004). Wanting it all: Career, marriage, & motherhood during college-educated women???s 20s. Sex Roles, 50, 711-723. Hoffnung, M. (1999). Women's changing attitudes toward work and family: College to five years after. Women & Work, 1, 27-39. Hoffnung, M. (1995). Motherhood: Contemporary conflict for women. In J. Freeman, (Ed.), Women: A feminist perspective, 5th edition, (pp. 162-181). Mountain View, CA: Mayfield.


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Selected Publications