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Patricia Norberg

Associate Professor of Marketing

BS, MBA, PhD, University of Rhode Island


MK 210

Consumer Behavior - Fall 2019

MK 312

Advertising - Fall 2019



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Dr. Norberg is an Associate Professor of Marketing and Advertising in the School of Business. Prior to joining Quinnipiac in 2003, she taught as an adjunct faculty member at Providence College and spent more than ten years in industry, primarily in the financial sector and consulting. Dr. Norberg’s research interests include incentives, personal information disclosure/privacy, pricing/value, advertising and stored value/payment choice. She has published work in Journal of Consumer Psychology, Journal of Advertising, Psychology & Marketing, Journal of Consumer Affairs and Journal of Consumer Marketing. Dr. Norberg has participated in a number of research projects, including current work in employee incentives for BIWorldwide and directing a major international research project for Giftex, Ltd., UK in 2007. Finally, Dr. Norberg’s social/international initiatives include recent work in Central America, where she traveled with a group of students and another faculty member to work with small businesses in Leon, Nicaragua (as part of SB450). Business and marketing plans were developed to aid business owners/employees in the areas of micro-lending, hospitality, hard goods, grocery/bakery, etc. This program was facilitated through the Sister Cities organization in coordination with the Albert Schweitzer Institute.

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Selected Pubs: Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science 2014

Norberg, Patricia A. and Daniel R. Horne (2014), “Coping with Information Requests in Marketing Exchanges: An Examination of Pre-Post Affective Control and Behavioral Coping,” Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 14, 415-429.


Selected Pubs: Journal of Advertising

Becker-Olsen, Karen L. and Patricia A. Norberg (2010), “Caution, Animated Violence: Assessing the Efficacy of Violent Video Game Ratings,” Journal of Advertising, 39(4), 83-94.

Video Game Violence - Advertising

Selected Pubs: Journal of Consumer Psychology

Coulter, Keith S. and Patricia A. Norberg (2009), “The Effects of Physical Distance between Regular and Sale Prices on Numerical Difference Perceptions,” Journal of Consumer Psychology, 19 (2), 144-157.

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