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Renee Tursi

Associate Professor of English

BS, Syracuse University; PhD, Columbia University

College of Arts & Sciences


WS 235

(UC) Literature by Women (EN 235) - Spring 2019

EN 103H

(UC) Advanced Academic Writing and Research - Fall 2018

EN 235

(UC) Literature by Women (WS 235) - Spring 2019

EN 380

Realism and Naturalism in U.S. Literature (1865-1930) - Spring 2019

EN 220

(UC) The Short Story as a Genre - Fall 2018

EN 102

(UC) Academic Writing and Research - Spring 2019

EN 361

Origins of U.S. Literature (1492-1865) - Fall 2018



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(203) 582-3447

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My research looks at the influence of philosophical pragmatism on the representation of consciousness in U.S. literature. I have published scholarly articles in Studies in the Novel and the aesthetics journal Style, among others, and have an essay in Emily Dickinson and Philosophy, from Cambridge University Press. I have also written book reviews for the TLS, the New York Times, and the Washington Post. Please visit the QU English Department website: