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Scott L. McLean

Professor of Political Science
Chairperson - Political Science

BA, Whitman College; PhD, Rutgers-The State Univ of NJ

College of Arts & Sciences


PO 298

Public Service Fellowship - Spring 2019

PO 101

(UC) Issues in Politics - Fall 2018

PO 498

WMI QU in DC Semester - Fall 2018

PO 497

TWC QU in DC Semester - Fall 2018

JRN 500

Special Topics in Journalism - Fall 2018

PO 348

Political Communication - Fall 2018

PO 408

Senior Seminar - Spring 2019

PO 395

Advanced Internship - Fall 2018

MSS 349

Political Communication (PO 348) - Fall 2018

PO 365

Inside Washington, D.C. - Spring 2019


Political Science

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I am a Professor of Political Science at Quinnipiac University. Since arriving at QU in Fall of 1995, I have taught courses in political theory, U.S. parties and elections, political psychology, democratic theory and American cultural and political thought. I am a frequent op-ed contributor to The Hill in Washington DC. I am frequently called upon to provide commentary and analysis in the national and international media organizations such as NPR, CNN, Fox News Network, The New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Norway's Verdens Gang, and the London Financial Times. My most recent scholarly publication is "Purple Battlegrounds: Presidential Campaign Strategies and Swing State Voters" in the book Presidential Swing States: Why Only Ten Matter, edited by Stacey Hunter Hecht and David Schultz (Lexington Books, 2015, post-election revised edition is coming out in 2017). I originate from eastern Oregon and today I reside in New Haven, Connecticut with my family. I am active in New Haven community issues and I serve on the Board of Directors for the Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen Inc.

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