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Leonard A. Moskowitz

Part-Time Faculty

MFA, Cranbrook Academy of Art


AR 140

(UC) Basic Visual Design - Spring 2019

AR 250

(UC)Studio Art: Special Topic - Spring 2019

AR 304

(UC) Studio Art: Advanced (AR252) Painting - Fall 2018

AR 252

(UC) Studio Art: Painting (AR304) - Fall 2018

AR 241

(UC) Color Theory - Fall 2018


Visual and Performing Arts

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I am a faculty member at Quinnipiac, starting my second year. I pretty much would pay them to let me teach here - I really like teaching and I very much enjoy the students I've met and shared my enthusiasm about artwork with. I am a professional artist, finally, after a long career as an independent art dealer. My clients were all galleries and designers. I have always been an artist. Now I'm getting to do it full-time.


Courses Taught

Art 101, Introduction to Drawing (Spring 2009)

Community / Practive Activities

I have managed to act as a volunteer throughout many years of my life. I consider this one of the most valuable and rewarding aspects of my life. I began doing volunteer work after undergraduate school. I volunteered as an art teacher and program coordinator in the Philadelphia prisons for a year. I followed this with another year of full-time work Vista (This is like the Peace Corps but it's in the US.) and spent that year working with Native Americans and migrant laborers in a total family rehabilitation program in Casa Grande, AZ. More recently, I spent three years volunteering at Connecticut Hospice in Branford, CT. I did mostly art appreciation with patients and their families. I also volunteered, over a period of ten years, in my daughters' elementary and junior high schools, many backdrops for holiday shows, as well as art projects in the classrooms. One of the great things about doing volunteer work is that you can get really great jobs that you would never be qualified for if they had to pay you. I can truly say that I easily got as much out my volunteer experiences as I put into them. I heard this comment early on, and it fits really well: "Learn to serve." Whenever I have successfully served, I was more than amply rewarded with knowledgeable experiences and satisfaction.

Examples of My Artwork