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Leonard J Long

Professor of Law

BS, Illinois Institute of Technology; MA, PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago; JD, The University of Chicago

School of Law


LAWS 104

Contracts II - Law Spring 2019

LAWS 516

International Business Trans. - Law Fall 2018

LAWS 635

Negotiable Instruments & Elec. Payments - Law Fall 2018

LAWS 103

Contracts I - Law Fall 2018

LAWS 323

Commercial Law - Law Spring 2019


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Professor Leonard Long joined the School of Law faculty in 1996. He teaches commercial law, corporate law, international trade and business transactions, and law and economics. His goal as a legal educator is to provide students with the opportunity to achieve a well-rounded liberal legal education. He aims to equip students with more than just the technical lawyering skills by facilitating their intellectual curiosity and their capacity for critical and independent thinking. Before joining the School of Law, Professor Long was on the law faculty at the University of Southern California from (1991-1996). Prior to that, he practiced law in the area of commercial and financial litigation in Chicago at Chapman and Cutler, and then at Wildman, Harrold, Allen and Dixon. Outside the law, his interests include political philosophy and 19th- and 20th-century political and intellectual history.

Courses Taught

Administrative Law; Analytical Methods; Banking Law; Bankruptcy; Business Association/Corporations; Civil Procedure; Consumer Law; Contracts; Corporate Finance; Feminist Legal Theory; International Business Transactions; Law & Economics; Mergers & Acquisitions; Payments (i.e., Bank Deposits-Collections; Electronic Funds Transfers; Letters of Credit; Negotiable Instruments); Remedies; Sales; Secured Transactions; Securities Regulation; and Torts.

Selected Publications

How Not to Think About Climate Change Justice, 29 QLR 463 (2011). An Uneasy Case for Using Criminal Informants, 29 QLR 165 (2011). Resisting Anti-Intellectualism and Promoting Legal Literacy (34 Southern Illinois University Law Journal 1 (2009). Can Health-Care Conscientious Objectors Thread the Needle?,13 Quinnipiac Health Law Journal 51 (2009). Basic Economics for Aspiring Lawyers: A Review of Richard A. Ippolitio, Economics for Lawyers, 28 QLR 219 (2009). Pragmatists Versus Legalists: Does the Distinction Matter to How Judges Think?, 27 QLR 531 (2009). Not Quite Straightforward: Heterosexual Enlistment in the Crusade For Homosexual, Bisexual, and Transgendered Rights, 24 QLR 883 (2006). Posner’s Economic Reflections on U.S. Intelligence Reform, 24 QLR 407 (2006). Groundwork to A Theory of Insincere Promises, 24 QLR 123 (2005). Law’s Character in Eliot’s Felix Holt, the Radical, 16 Law & Literature 237 (2004). Classifying Deficiency Claims in a Single-Asset Bankruptcy , 22 QLR 737 (2004). An Uneasy Case for a Tort of Negligent Interference With Credit Contract, 22 QLR 235 (2003). Emerging From the Shadow: The Bankrupt’s Wife in Nineteen-Century America, 21 QLR 489 (2002). Introduction: Symposium, Conference on Law and Philosophy: The Works of Richard A. Epstein, 19 QLR 655 (2000). Liberally Educating Law Students: Suggested Readings, 18 QLR 237 (1998). The Life and Death of Law: Law’s Role as the Other Bastard in William Shakespeare’s ‘The Life and Death of King John,’ 18 QLR 1 (1998). Bankruptcy Lesson of Future Mass Tort Claims: Potential Mass Tort Victims Should Have Catastrophic Injury Insurance, 16 QLR 357 (1997). Optimum Poverty, Character, and the Non-Relevance of Poverty Law, 47 Rutgers Law Review 693 (1995). Religious Exercise as Credit Risk, 10 Bankruptcy Developments Journal 119 (1993-94). Automatic Subordination As Incentive for Insider Creditors' Prudential Investing, 13 Journal of Law and Commerce 97 (1993). Rethinking Selective Incapacitation: More at Stake Than Controlling Violent Crime, 62 UMKC Law Review 107 (1993). A Problem of the Heart: Few Feel For the Poor, 66 Southern California Law Review 1317 (1993). (An abridged version, titled Feeling For the Poor, is reprinted in USC LAW 9 (Fall 1993).) Burdensome Property, Onerous Laws and Abandonment: Revisiting Midlantic National Bank v. New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, 21 Hofstra Law Review 63 (1992). Miller's Algebra of Purposes at Sentencing, 66 Southern California Law Review 483 (1992). Seventh Circuit Affirms Expanded Non-Insider Liability for Preference Payments, vol. 3, no. 2 IBA LAWwatch 4 (1990)(with D.J. Fischer and C.M. White). COMPILATIONS: Federal Securities Law: Selected Statutes, Rules and Forms (1994- 2003) (with E.S. Adams & J.D. Redwood). Proxy Rules Handbook: 1996-1997 Edition (with E.S. Adams & J.D. Redwood).

Interests & Hobbies

Mainly, I read good books and, when I can, try to get others to read good books.