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Mary B Paddock

Senior Associate Dean for College of Arts and Sciences

BS, Georgetown University; MA, PhD, Yale University

College of Arts & Sciences


IDS 200

Rise of Disciplinarity - Fall 2018


College of Arts and Sciences

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(203) 582-8951

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I came to Quinnipiac University as Assistant Dean for the College of Arts and Sciences in July 2008. I am also the student fellowships advisor, and coordinate international initiatives for the College. In addition, I am an associate professor of German, and teach Elementary German in both the fall and spring semesters. I have also taught QU101 Individual and the Community and EN460 Senior Seminar, focusing on medieval European lyric poetry. My fields of interest are performed lyric, medieval visual culture, turn-of-the-century German cabaret, and early 20th century German drama.

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