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Anna-leila Williams

Associate Professor of Medical Sciences

PA, PhD, Yale University; BA, Clark University; MPH, Southern Connecticut State University

School of Medicine


Frank H Netter, MD, School of Medicine, Medical Sciences

Phone Number

(203) 582-6473

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As a faculty member I am committed to the creation and maintenance of an institutional environment and educational climate that fosters intellectual rigor and collaboration, cultivates empathy and compassion, ignites social engagement and activism, and encourages personal awareness and satisfaction. Our curriculum has been thoughtfully prepared with an appreciation for the complexity of the healthcare system as a whole, as well as the poignancy and challenge of relating to individuals and families. Firmly rooted in biomedical science and supported by state-of-the-art technology, our curriculum recognizes psychosocial influences on health and illness, and the interplay between physical discomfort, emotional distress, and spiritual anguish. We are respectful of our learners and allow time for self-study, individualized course selections, reflection, and personal growth. Inherent in the physician role is the need to bear witness to human suffering. We intend to support you as you learn to witness with equanimity and kindness, and develop skills that will serve you and your patients throughout your career. I am confident the student-centered curriculum at the Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine will guide the next generation of physicians toward excellent, holistic, and compassionate healthcare capable of making a difference for patients, families, and society.

Educational Background

Yale University PhD, PA; Southern CT State MPH; Clark University BA

Courses Taught

Behavioral and Social Sciences in Medicine %5bPublic Health%5d; Narrative Medicine; Foundations of Clinical Care

Significant Administrative Duties

Faculty Council %5b2012-2017%5d; Council on Curriculum Oversight %5b2012-2015%5d; Chair, Inclusion and Diversity Council %5b2014-present%5d