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Martha J. Sanders

Professor of Occupational Therapy

BS, Tufts University; MA, University of Southern California; MSOSH, University of New Haven; PhD, Walden University


OT 511

Administration and Management in Occupational Therapy - Fall 2019

OT 550

OT Research Methods - Fall 2019


Occupational Therapy

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I am a professor of occupational therapy at Quinnipiac University with a great passion for community health promotion, research, and ergonomics. I have been involved in developing low vision programs for community seniors, school-based health promotion programs for elementary schools, adaptive skiing, and ergonomics for office and manufacturing workers. I involve OT students in community-based projects through capstone projects, research, or class activities. For example, OT students in ergonomics classes gain much real-life experience in assessing Quinnipiac University staff in proper ergonomic procedures. I also teach administration for occupational therapists in a "flipped classroom", workshop format that enables students to problem-solve typical administrative problems and develop solutions. My active involvement in the American Occupational Therapy Association, the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, and Sigma Xi ensures that I provide students with the most up to date professional information and skills.

Community / Practive Activities

Backpack Safety for grades K-7; Testing for Toxins in Toys and Children's consumer goods; Teaching seniors to use computer technology; Ergonomics consultation for area industries

Research Interests

My research interests include investigating issues related to older workers- adaptation to their jobs, the impact of work on successful aging. I am currently involved in examining the impact of home lighting on older adults near vision activities and quality of life. Additionally as part of my love for adaptive sports, my students and I are examining volunteer experiences in adaptive skiing. My past research has included Computer Training for Seniors and ergonomics for Dental Hygienist.

Courses Taught

OT 511 Administration and Management in OT OT 560 Contemporary Modalities%5d OT 550 Research in Occupational Therapy OT 555 Pharmacology and Environmental Toxins OT 570 Capstone OT 535 Ergonomics and Assistive Technology OT 601 Research Methods for Post-Professional Masters OT 603 Data Analysis for Post-Professional Masters

Significant Administrative Duties

I serve on the University Health and Safety Committee, Chair of the Ergonomics committee, and am a member of the Sustainability committee. From 2010-2012 I will serve on the University Review Committee

Educational Background

Tufts University, BS OT; University of Southern California, MA OT; University of New Haven, MS in Occupational Safety and Health; Walden University, PhD in Community Health

Selected Publications

Sanders, M. (2018). Older Manufacturing Workers and Adaptation to Age-Related Changes. American Journal of Occupational Therapy, 3 (72) 7203205060p1-7203205060p11. doi:10.5014/ajot.2018.021238 Michalak-Turcotte, C., Sanders, M. J., & Johnson, P. (2018, Jan). An interprofessional approach to ergonomics. Dimensions of Dental Hygiene, 16(1), 30-32. Sanders, M., Van Oss, T., & McGeary, S. (2016). Analyzing reflections in service learning to promote personal growth and community self-efficacy. Journal of Experiential Education, 39(1) 73–88. Sanders, M., Reynolds, J., Bagatell, N., Treu, J., O’Connor, E., & Katz, D.(2015). Promoting healthy lifestyles in children using a multidisciplinary train the trainer approach. Journal of Public Health Management Practice, 21(4), E27–E35. Michalak-Turcotte, C. & Sanders, M. J. (2014, October). Managing stress in the dental workplace. Dimensions of Dental Hygiene, 12(11), 28-31. Sanders, M., Stolz, J., & Chacon-Baker, A (2013). Testing for lead in toys at day care centers, WORK, 44, 29-38. Sanders, M.J., O'Sullivan, B., DeBurra, K., & Fedner, A. (2013). Computer training for seniors: An Academic-Community Partnership, Educational Gerontology, 39 (3), 179-193. Sanders, M., & Van Oss, T. (2013). Using daily routines to promote medication adherence in older adults. American Journal of Occupational Therapy, 17 (14), 9 - 12. Sanders, M., & Turcotte, C. M. (2011, November). Posture makes perfect: follow these ergonomics strategies to improve your musculoskeletal health. Dimensions of Dental Hygiene, November, 30-35. Sanders, M., & McCready, J.W. (2011). Meeting the challenge of supervising older workers in the retail homebuilding industry. Journal of Business and Retail Management Research, 5 (2), 17 - 30. Sanders, M., & McCready, J.W. (2010). Does work contribute to successful aging in older workers? The International Journal of Aging and Human Development, 71 (3), 209-229. Sanders, M., & Turcotte, C. (2010). Occupational stress in dental hygienists. WORK, 35, 445-455. Ahearn, D., Sanders, M., & Turcotte, C. (2010). Ergonomic design for dental offices. WORK, 35, 495-503. Sanders, M., & McCready, J. (2009). A qualitative study of two older workers’ adaptation to physically demanding jobs. WORK (2), 111-122. Glennon, T. J., Sanders, M. J., Gallagher, S. T., Hartmann, K. D., O’Sullivan, B., Latella, D., & VanOss, T. (2007). Children in communities: The impact of service learning from backpacks to Barbados. OT Practice, 12(14), 15-20. Morse, T., Bruneau., T., Michalak-Turcotte, C., Sanders, M., & Warren, N. (2007). Musculoskeletal disorders of the neck and shoulder in dental hygienists and dental hygiene students. Journal of Dental Hygiene, 81 (1), 1-20 Michalak-Turcotte, C. & Sanders, M. J. (2005). Developing a plan of action: Part 2. Dimensions of Dental Hygiene, 3(11), 20, 22-23. Michalak-Turcotte, C. & Sanders, M. J. (2005) A problem-solving approach to ergonomic intervention in dental hygiene: Part I. Dimensions of Dental Hygiene, 3(9), 18, 20-21. Sanders, M. & Morse, T.F. (2005). Ergonomics of caring for children: An exploratory study. American Journal of Occupational Therapy, 59 (3), 285-295. Morse, T.F., Michalak-Turcotte, C., Atwood-Sanders, M., Warren, N, Peterson, D.R., Bruneau, H., Cherniak, M. (2003). A pilot study of hand and arm musculoskeletal disorders in dental hygiene students. Journal of Dental Hygiene, 77, 3, 173-179. Sanders, M & Michalak-Turcotte, C. (2002). Strategies to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disorders in dental hygienists: Two case studies. Journal of Hand Therapy, 15 (3), 363- 374.

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