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Amber Rae Kelly

Assistant Professor of Social Work
Capstone Mentor

BS, University of Florida; MSW, Florida State University; PhD, Smith College

School of Health Sciences


SW 602

Specialized Practice Field Education Practicum in Health/ Behavioral Health II - Spring 2019

SW 506

Human Behavior in the Social Environment I: Theories of Practice - Fall 2018

SW 507

Issues of Diversity and Oppression - Spring 2019

SW 503

Practice II: Groups, Organizations and Communities - Spring 2019

SW 601

Specialized Clinical Social Work Practice (Practice III) - Fall 2018

SW 600

Specialized Practice Field Education Practicum in Health/ Behavioral Health I - Fall 2018


Social Work

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(203) 582-7843

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Dr. Amber Kelly is an Assistant Professor of Social Work within Quinnipiac University's School for Health Sciences. She currently teaches both foundation and advances students, with focuses in theory and practice, as well as trauma. Her scholarship focus in on using contemplative practices with survivors of traumatic violence.

Curriculum Vitae

Courses Taught

SW 501 Practice I: Individuals and Families SW 506 Human Behavior in the Social Environment I SW 503 Practice II: Groups, Organizations, and Communities SW 634 Clinical SW with Substance Abuse and Addictive Behaviors SW 640 Clinical SW with Adult Trauma

Selected Publications

Kelly, A. & Garland, E.L. (2016). Trauma-informed Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction for female survivors of interpersonal violence: Results from a stage I RCT. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 72, 311-28 Kelly, A (2015). Trauma-informed Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction: A promising model for working with survivors of interpersonal violence. Smith College Studies in Social Work, 85, 194-219 Garland, E.L., Manusov, E.G., Froeliger, B., Kelly, A., Williams, J.M. & Howard, M.O. (2014). Mindfulness-Oriented Recovery Enhancement for chronic pain and prescription opioid misuse: Results from an early-stage randomized control trial. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 82, 448 Kelly, A. & Garland, E.L. (2014). Case study 5-5 Treatment of depression and coping with chronic pain through Mindfulness-Oriented Recovery Enhancement. In C. W. Lecroy (Ed.), Case Studies in Social Work Practice (181-188). Hoboken: Wiley. Garland, E.L., Williams, J., Gale, H., Kelly, A., & Howard, M.O. (2013). Targeting transdiagnostic processes in clinical practice through mindfulness: Cognitive, affective, and neurobiological perspectives. In H. Matto (ed.), Social Work and Neuroscience, Springer. Garland, E.L., Schwartz, N., Kelly, A., Whitt, A., & Howard, M.O. (2012). MindfulnessOriented Recovery Enhancement: Therapeutic mechanisms and intervention acceptability. Journal of Social Work Practice in the Addictions, 12.242-263 Walpole, K.C. & Kelly, A. (2011). Mind Body Stress Reduction for incarcerated populations. Gainesville, FL: Authors. Walpole, K.C. & Kelly, A. (2009). The Journey Inward. Gainesville, FL: Authors.

Selected Workshops & Presentations

Kelly, A. (2015, January 17). A qualitative exploration of the impact of Mindfulness Oriented Recovery Enhancement for those with chronic pain and a history of opioid misuse and dependency. Presented at the Society for Social Work and Research Annual Conference, 2016 in Washington, DC. Kelly, A. (2015, August 18). Self care in the trauma framework for those working in the child welfare system. Presented at the Day of Renewal for DCF Investigators, New Haven, CT. Kelly, A., Napora, L., & Drake, T. (2015, June 17). Bringing Contemplative Practices to Law Students Working with Survivors of Interpersonal Trauma: Cultivating Trust and Social Connection. Presented at the Mind and Life Summer Research Institute, Garrison, NY Kelly, A. (2015, January 16). Trauma-informed Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction: Development of a model and an application with a sample of women who have survived interpersonal trauma. Presented at the Society for Social Work Research, New Orleans, LA. Kelly, A. (2014, October 31). Trauma-informed Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction: Promoting Intra- and interpersonal flourishing among survivors of traumatic stress. Presented at the International Symposium for Contemplative Studies, Boston, MA. Kelly, A. (2014, October 11). Mindfulness in Clinical Legal Education: A Model and Preliminary Data. Presented at the 6th Annual ACMHE Conference: Intention, Method, and Evaluation, Seattle, WA. Kelly, A. (2014, June 21). Trauma-informed Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction: Creation of a model and its use with a sample of interpersonal trauma survivors. Presented at the Mind and Life Summer Research Institute, Garrison, NY. Kelly, A. & Walpole K.C. (2013, February 16). Mindfulness based stress reduction in the women’s prison setting: Serving the underserved. Presented at the Spirituality in Medicine 2013 Retreat, New Lebanon, NY Kelly, A & Drake, T. (2012, September 23). Using mindfulness to work with vicarious trauma in certified legal interns: Learning as we go along. Presented at The Fourth Annual Association for Contemplative Mind in Higher Education Conference, Amherst College, Amherst, MA. Garland, E.L., Williams, J., Sheetz, J., Suveg, K., Widup, A., Garrison, O., Gale, H., Howell, S., Scully-Hilbert, S., & Kelly, A. (2012, April 10). Mindfulness-Oriented Recovery Enhancement for persons with chronic pain treated with opioid analgesic medication: Preliminary from a randomized controlled trial. Presented at the Florida State University College of Social Work Research Exposition, Tallahassee, FL. Drake, T., Kelly, A., & Hardt, N. (2012, April 1). The multidisciplinary team model: Law, social work, advocacy, & medicine providing “wrap around” services for survivors. Presented at the National Conference on Health and Domestic Violence, San Francisco, CA Garland, E.L., Kelly, A., & Howard, M.O. (2012, January 13). Trauma history moderates the effect of mindfulness training and social support on the alcohol attentional bias. Society for Social Work and Research 2012, Washington, DC.

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