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Ari Perez

Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering

BS, Universidad Tecnologica Centroamericana; MS, PhD, University of South Carolina-Columbia

School of Engineering


ENR 410

School of Engineering Integrative Capstone - Spring 2019

CER 340

Introduction to Geotechnical Engineering and Foundation Design - Fall 2018

ENR 110

The World of an Engineer - Fall 2018

CER 445

Advanced Geotechnical Engineering and Foundation Design - Spring 2019

CER 360

Construction Management - Spring 2019


Civil Engineering

Phone Number

(203) 582-7918

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Office Location

Center for Comm.&Engineer #237


My research interests focus mostly on the preservation of archaeological sites and in engineering education. I am in the process of developing a design method for the construction of reburial covers for archaeological sites (DAISEE – Design of Archaeological InfraStructure for Elective Entombment), but I am interested in all matters of preservation of sites and in archaeological issues in civil engineering practice. I am also interested in how the presence of certain minerals in the soil affect basic geotechnical soil properties.”