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Ivan Tirado-Cordero

Part-Time Faculty

BA, University of Puerto Rico; MEd, American Intercontinental University; PhD, Capella University


QU 420

Integrative Capstone - Spring 2019

FYS 101

First-Year Seminar - Fall 2018

FYS 150

First-Year Seminar Modules - Spring 2019


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I believe learning is about transformation. I achieved a bachelors� degree in Humanities in Liberal Arts, a M.Ed. in Instructional Technology and a Ph.D. in Education in Instructional Design. I'm currently teaching The First Year Seminar on Inquiry Based Learning (since Fall 2015) and The Health Benefits of the Creative Process, a capstone for health sciences students. I also monitors FYS150 (online course for transfers), which also required my instructional design knowledge and expertise in re-designing the course. My teaching experience also includes individuals of all ages, children with disabilities, working adults, seniors, and corporate training, individuals from all academic and professional levels, in art, computers, performance procedures, ESL, and learning methods. I was also a radio announcer, stand up comic, graphic designer, and have experience in television and video production, as well as working in health care. I believe that individuals can develop skills through experience and exposure and become candidates for success in the process, influenced by previous experiences and how they have interpreted achievement and failure in the past. I aim to teach with methods that provide experiences that support the improvement of self-efficacy beliefs (perceptions of skills to achieve a goal) by exposing people to new experiences, bridging new concepts to known concepts and experiences, focusing on short-term goals, guidance, feedback, and motivation. I believe that engagement to short-term goals leads to accomplishment, which improves self-efficacy beliefs creating a cycle of transformation. Personal transformation leads to transformation of the environment as well. Individuals are not just the result of their environment or life circumstances, but rather individuals consciously contribute to their environment or life circumstances to change their environments and themselves.

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