Sunny Nariyani '13, MBA '14

When news breaks on campus, one of the first students to know is Sunny Nariyani.

As general manager of the student-run television station, Q30, Nariyani is responsible for overseeing all on-air programs and the group's 15-person leadership board. He started out at the station during his freshman year and moved his way up to the top spot in his junior year.

"I've always seen myself in leadership roles," said Nariyani, now a senior. "It's been amazing. You really see yourself grow as a leader." 

The senior film, video and interactive media major has his sights set on a career in television, ideally behind the scenes as a director or producer. He is also pursuing a minor in management to further hone his leadership skills.

Last year, Nariyani interned at NBC Universal and now serves as an NBC ambassador, helping the company to identify potential interns at Quinnipiac.

A high school video teacher piqued Nariyani's interest in video editing and production, and brought him on a tour of the University's Ed McMahon Mass Communications Center. After seeing the facilities, the West Haven, Conn., native knew right away that Quinnipiac was the best choice for him.

Nariyani says Quinnipiac faculty, staff and administrators have all made an impact on his education and career development. "They really facilitated my growth," he said.

He credits Peter Sumby, associate director of the McMahon Center, with opening his eyes to the possibility of directing, rather than editing. Nariyani also relies on career advice and academic guidance from Lila Carney, who oversees all the student media groups.

Nariyani will continue his education in Quinnipiac's Fast Track MBA program. "Learning the business side [of the television industry] is just as important as production," he explained.

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