Provistalis instills confidence, passion, inclusion

Headshot of Provistalis


rin Provistalis’ role is often behind the scenes as director of campus life, but her dedication to serving Quinnipiac students does not go unnoticed. She is a passionate leader of the new student orientation program, making an impact on students before they even step foot onto Quinnipiac’s campuses. 

“She leads a staff of more than 50 student leaders who serve as orientation leaders and shows 2,000 incoming students what it means to be a Bobcat. Erin’s commitment to ensuring Quinnipiac is an inclusive and welcoming community is unrivaled. She has led the charge to switching the use of the term of 'freshmen' to 'first-year students' and sharing personal pronouns at introductions,” said Brendan Brooks ‘20. 

Provistalis is an incredibly versatile and hardworking leader, wearing many hats and doing whatever it takes to improve the student experience. Her advisees note that she can be found at her desk late into the evening. 

For her efforts, she is being awarded Quinnipiac’s most prestigious staff award, Center for Excellence in Service to Students.

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“No matter how much work she had, the number one thing on her to-do list every day was to attend to the needs of the students," said Samantha Bashaw ‘20. "She bridges the gap of student interest and administrative work while knowing that students always come first."

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In addition to leading the new student orientation program, Provistalis has eagerly taken on the role of advising Q30 Television and the Student Government Association. 

Students agree that she sets a great example for her students by being present for both small and large events, such as staying after traditional work hours to help count election votes. Additionally, under her advisement, Q30 Television was awarded the 2020 Student Organization of the Year.

Even in the midst of a global pandemic, Provistalis still puts students first. 

“When we had to transition to online for the rest of the semester, she immediately checked in and made sure that we felt like we could rely on her and that she was here for us all if we needed anything. Instead of letting us [seniors] end the semester on a negative note, she gave us guidance and advice on how to act as leaders and help our peers stay positive and make the best of the situation,” said Julia Suesser ‘20. 

Provistalis clearly understands the magnitude of impact her role has on Quinnipiac students — and takes that responsibility seriously. 

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“Whether that’s been through reimagining and reinventing the new student orientation program, creating new processes and procedures for student organizations to thrive, developing assessment practices for the Division of Student Affairs to measure our impact on learning, or opening new spaces for our students to enjoy like On the Rocks, my role has always and will continue to be an advocate and educator,” Provistalis said.