Update on Federal Work Study program


o the Quinnipiac Community:

As students have been asked to stay home for the remainder of the spring semester, there have understandably been a number of questions about Federal Work Study funds. Fortunately, The U.S. Department of Education recently provided important guidance about work study, and has granted colleges and universities permission to pay a limited amount of Federal Work Study funds to students who are unable to perform their jobs remotely.

In accordance with these updated federal regulations, Quinnipiac will use the funds to pay eligible students as allowed under this updated guidance. Eligible students include those who were awarded Federal Work Study for the Spring 2020 semester and who worked at least 10 hours during the Spring 2020 semester. Please note that the payout authorized by these regulations may not necessarily equal a student’s total Federal Work Study allotment for the year.

Federal Work Study recipients who have worked at least 10 hours during the Spring 2020 term will fall into one of the following two categories, based on the federal guidance:

A work study job cannot be performed remotely – if your Federal Work Study supervisor has informed you that you cannot work remotely, you will be paid a percentage of the hours you were scheduled to work through the end of the Spring 2020 semester. Please note that this may be less than your total maximum Federal Work Study allotment. Eligible students who are in this category will receive an email from the university’s Financial Aid Office by April 14 with details about the timing and amount of the payment.

A work study job continued remotely – if your Federal Work Study supervisor has informed you that you can perform your job remotely, you will continue to work and be paid your normal wage, for hours through the remainder of the semester as approved by your supervisor.

We also understand remaining at home for the spring semester may impact non-federal work study jobs. For those students, if a job can continue to be performed remotely and a student’s supervisor has given approval for the job duties to continue, then they can continue working and will be paid their normal wage for hours approved by their supervisor. If a job cannot be performed remotely, or if the department no longer has a need for the work previously performed, then the non-federal work study job will be considered completed and there will be no further earnings.    

If students are unsure which category they fall in, they should contact their immediate supervisor. Questions about financial aid can also be directed to Victoria Hampton at victoria.hampton@qu.edu

We fully recognize the impact the pandemic has had on students who earn funds through the Work Study programs, and we hope this will provide some relief as we navigate this unprecedented time together.

Kind Regards,

Eric Sykes
VP of Enrollment Management