Residential student move-out process


ear students and families,

Congratulations on completing the Spring 2020 semester! We hope this message finds you and your loved ones healthy and safe. We know these last two months have presented unprecedented challenges and difficult decisions as we have all done our part to support public health efforts.  

We are writing to update you about belongings remaining in university housing. We are confirming that our originally anticipated move-out period will proceed as planned, from May 22–June 5.

State of Connecticut leaders have confirmed that certain businesses will be allowed to reopen beginning May 20. As part of the state’s phased reopening plan, all individuals are required to continue observing social distancing measures, minimize group gatherings, and wear face masks when in public.

We appreciate the understanding, cooperation and flexibility you’ve demonstrated throughout the semester. Our collective efforts have been vital in helping reduce the number of COVID-19 cases, and the move-out environment will be much safer for all as a result.

We want to help make the move-out process as rapid and easy as possible for you. Students should please review the detailed information they received by email – it provides all the information you’ll need to prepare to return to campus to gather your belongings. If you have additional questions after you review this information, please send an email to our online support center at

Please remain safe and #BobcatStrong.


Monique Drucker
Vice President and Dean of Students

More details

Complete details on the move-out process were sent to students in their email, with information specific to them based on the residence they are moving out of. Please be sure to review the directions sent to you, as there may be some variations to the below.

Information about gathering your belongings from residence halls

A PDF of the information below was provided to you in your email, sent May 11. We encourage you to bring a copy with you to campus on your assigned day as it contains important information to help ensure a smooth move-out process. 

Scheduling your move-out date
Students will receive an email shortly with a primary and secondary date that they can retrieve their belongings. We have designed a schedule and assigned dates to intentionally spread out the moving process and to maintain appropriate social distancing to help limit the number of individuals coming to each residence hall per day. If neither of the assigned dates work, dates also will be available by appointment only. If you need to designate someone else to pick up your belongings, please send an email to by 6 p.m. on Thursday, May 21.

What to expect when you arrive on campus

  • Be prepared to show your QCard to a public safety officer, who will give you a temporary access card to enter your residence hall room. 
  • In order to accommodate all students and maintain proper social distancing, please complete the move-out process as efficiently as possible.
  • All students and family members will be required to wear masks while on campus. Masks will not be provided – please bring your own face masks and when finished, please bring all PPE home with you to be discarded.
  • Any mail that the university is holding will be delivered to each student’s residence hall room or off-campus house.
  • Students who rented Microfridges can leave them in the rooms. The company will pick them up after the move-out process is completed.
  • Please do not visit other campus locations during the move-out process. The university bookstores, dining halls, libraries and fitness centers remain closed.
  • Student Affairs staff will not be working in the residence halls or university-owned houses to assist with the move-out process.

Information about how residence halls were packed
Our facilities staff has already packed all students’ possessions, allowing us to expedite the move-out process for you. Packing was completed April 28, and all possessions remain in students’ assigned rooms or living spaces, except at Whitney Village and 13 units in The Hill. Those residents’ belongings were moved to a temperature-controlled environment in the People’s United Center on the York Hill Campus, and we will send a separate communication to those individuals with instructions for picking up their belongings at the People’s United Center.

Here is some important information about how rooms were packed to assure you of the care and detail we paid to this process:

  • Every box was sealed. 
  • Items that did not fit into a box were wrapped or taped as appropriate. 
  • If an item’s original box was found in a room, its contents were boxed inside it (e,g., a coffeemaker).
  • If storage bins belonging to a resident were available, they were used to box personal contents, in most cases. 
  • Items that did not easily fit into a box (ie: bedding, large pillows) were put into plastic bags. 
  • Bubble wrap and/or packing paper was used when appropriate.  

Items packed in common areas
Students should contact their roommates to discuss who will be responsible for picking up items that were purchased jointly. Items from common areas, including kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, closets, basements, garages and yards, were boxed together whenever possible. Facilities workers labeled these boxes with the location where they were found and left them in the center of the common area space. 

Items packed in bathrooms
All shampoos, soaps, deodorants, cleaning supplies, etc. found in a bathroom in a suite, apartment or house were placed in boxes and left in each bathroom within the unit. 

Items packed in kitchens
All pots, pans, silverware, dishes, cleaning products and non-perishable food items were boxed together from each kitchen within a unit. All perishable food items from refrigerators and freezers were donated. 

Items packed in living rooms
All gaming units, cords, cables, pictures and any clothing items found were boxed together from each living room and/or common space within the unit. Common area items that were not boxed include: furniture, televisions, lamps, vacuum cleaners, Swiffers, brooms, storage units, posters and rugs.

Labeling of boxes
Each box, piece of furniture and other items (including rugs, lamps, etc.) were labeled with the name of the building, room number and location within the room where the contents were found. In some instances, the name of the student assigned to the room also was written on the label. In many cases, packed boxes were moved to the center of the room in which they were found. Over 47,000 labels were completed during this process, as we wanted to be as detailed as possible to make it easy to identify and collect your belongings.

  • Important things to do before returning to campus
  • Have a conversation with your roommates to determine who will pick up items that were purchased jointly.
  • Bring your Quinnipiac ID, which you will be required to show to a Public Safety officer when you arrive on campus. 
  • Bring your bedroom door key if you live in Bakke, Founders, Sahlin or any of the university’s off-campus properties.
  • If you want a dolly, cart or hand truck to help you with the move-out process, you must bring your own. The university will not be providing any of these items in keeping with necessary hygiene guidelines. 
  • Bring a pair of scissors or a boxcutter to open boxes if you are planning to take items out of boxes to load into your vehicle. Students are asked only to open boxes belonging to them or boxes from common areas that contain their possessions. Please do not open boxes belonging to roommates/suitemates.
  • Bring tape to re-seal boxes.
  • To help you plan for packing your vehicle, please note that each student has on average 10-15 boxes as well as other miscellaneous items. The dimensions of each box are 16” wide x 11” high x 22” long.

Frequently Asked Questions
We know you likely have more questions about the move-out process. We have answers. Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions on our COVID-19 website for more information addressing your common questions.