Bobcats gain unique perspective of life, work in Vietnam and Thailand

June 05, 2024

Quinnipiac business class taking a group photo in Vietnam

Professor of Marketing Charles Brooks and Associate Director of Global Public Health and Experiential Learning Amy Davis led a class of six students on business and culture in Vietnam and Thailand on how global trends and issues create opportunities in foreign markets.

“I gained so much cultural experience from this trip. Whether it was visiting the Củ Chi tunnels, spending the day at an elephant sanctuary, taking a Thai cooking class, attending lectures, or just walking around the cities, everything was new and immersive. I loved exploring the city as a group and getting to know everyone. If anyone is thinking about taking a faculty-led course, do it!”

— Lynzi King ’23, MBA ‘24

“The trip to Thailand and Vietnam was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The trip was incredible.  My roommate and I both continue to bring up parts of the trip every single day since we got back. My advice to anyone who may want to go but is scared: Go. And don't think twice about it. You will not come home with any regrets, only lasting memories.”

— Connor Drigan ’23, MBA ‘24

“The most interesting aspect of the trip was learning more about Buddhism. The temple had a sense of relief. The second I stepped inside, I just felt calmer like it was somewhere I was supposed to be. Then my tour guide started teaching us the principles of Buddhism and it all clicked. I realized there was this whole belief system that I had no knowledge of and was overpowered with curiosity.“

—Arianna Newth ’24, MBA ‘25

“I had the opportunity to see two cultures that are both very different from my own. It was a really eye-opening experience that allowed me to understand the differences in communication, economies and just everyday life in general. I’m really thankful for all the work Professor Brooks did to set this trip up for us, it was an amazing experience. The best memories I have from the trip are the World Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand and the Củ Chi tunnels in Vietnam. Both were unforgettable and I hope so many other people have the opportunity to take part in things like that through QU study-abroad programs.”

— Jake Cedor ’24, MBA ‘25

"This was an amazing trip, one I will never forget. My favorite memory will have to be the elephant sanctuary in Thailand. It was the whole reason I went in the first place. I would never trade this experience for anything, and I hope others get the chance to partake in it!"

— Milan Joly ‘25

“The Vietnam and Thailand abroad trip was unlike anything I had ever experienced. Both countries were not only unique but also different from the U.S in every regard. What I found most interesting was the ability to bargain for all purchases; if you wanted a souvenir and they would say their price and then you would say what you are willing to pay. Often times this led to a long conversation of back and forth where eventually you agreed on a price. “

— Garner Boshart ’23, MBA ‘24

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