Flo Rida turns up the heat at Wake the Giant concert

The Student Programming Board’s annual Wake the Giant concert reached new heights on Sunday night as Bobcat Nation reminisced to the beats of Flo Rida’s hits, reminding many students of some of the memories they cherish most.

Students started lining up outside the M&T Bank Arena on the York Hill Campus hours before the start of the show, showing their commitment to bringing the spirit of Bobcat Nation to this year’s show.

For Mia Lawrence ’24, MOT ’26, Flo Rida is more than just an artist, he’s a childhood icon. As she approaches her undergraduate Commencement, she reflects on the bittersweet moment of seeing one of her favorite childhood artists live, before closing yet another chapter in her life.

“I am so excited that Flo Rida is performing at Wake the Giant today,” said Lawrence. “I grew up listening to him and I can’t wait to celebrate this moment with all of my friends before graduation.”

Delilah Papka ’27 said she was eagerly looking forward to her first spring concert at Quinnipiac.

“I’m so happy to be here,” said Papka. “I’m so excited that Flo Rida is performing at my first Wake the Giant because I grew up listening to his music and now that I’m older and get to see him perform live feels like such a surreal moment.”

As the students rushed into the arena to grab their seats for the show, DJ Fire kicked off the show, hyping up the crowd for an unforgettable night.

“Bobcats, this is not an act, this is not a show, this is a partaaayyy,” said Flo Rida.

From serenading the student body with roses to parading around the M&T Bank Arena, Flo Rida brought a night of endless fun.

Showing his love for Bobcat Nation, Flo Rida put a special Quinnipiac touch on each one of his songs.

Before starting his song "I Don’t Like It, I Love It,” Flo Rida said, “I don’t like Bobcats, I LOVE Bobcats.”

One Bobcat, in particular, Alisha Ramesh ’27 was given a special birthday shoutout as Flo Rida sang to her and invited her on stage to celebrate with him.

“Being up there with him felt amazing because I wanted to celebrate my first birthday in Connecticut with my friends, but I didn’t know how to,” said Ramesh. “I’m so grateful that my first birthday at Quinnipiac was with Flo Rida.”

President of SPB and acting mainstage chair Zach Iwatsuki ’24 emphasized that Wake the Giant is more than just a concert — it’s a culmination of his hard work, dedication and planning by many students. Iwatsuki has served on the SPB executive board for four years, planning memorable experiences for the student body.

“It’s been so fun to plan this event,” said Iwatsuki. “I’m excited to watch all of my work along with my team’s work. I couldn’t wait to see how it all came together.

With great events comes great teamwork and collaboration.

Amanda Geraci ’26 shared her experience as novelties director for Wake the Giant, working alongside other members of SPB to create a night of memories and music.

“I’m so happy to work with everyone on my team,” said Geraci. “I think everyone has put in such an incredible amount of work. It’s so exciting to see everyone come together to have a good time.”

Hannah Marmen ’24 said Wake the Giant is a significant memory in her Quinnipiac experience.

“Over the years, Wake the Giant has been one of my favorite events,” said Marmen. “Seeing Flo Rida during my senior year completed my experience at Quinnipiac. I’m so grateful to SPB for putting on these amazing events for us.”

Throughout his performance, Flo Rida was sure to keep the energy alive. While sporting his custom Quinnipiac ice hockey jersey, Flo Rida spread that good feeling that had everyone on their feet until the very end.

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