Orientation Leader uncovers a sense of confidence by helping others

June 12, 2023

Jacqueline Ydrovo in a black shirt smiling with a grey background

Jacqueline Ydrovo ’25, remembers approaching her Orientation experience as a first-year student during the pandemic with an open mind and heart despite the challenges COVID-19 posed.

Even though everyone was wearing masks and following social distancing rules, Ydrovo found the experience to be special, her Orientation Leaders making it all that it was and helping her feel connected to her peers and Quinnipiac. This was something she aspired to achieve herself in the future, she said.

In fact, she held this experience so close to her heart that it eventually sparked her interest in joining Quinnipiac’s group of Orientation Leaders. Utilizing the opportunity to help her come out of her shell, her confidence has been soaring ever since, she explained.

“In the past, I have struggled a lot with self-doubt and second-guessing myself, but this position has helped me combat those thoughts and serves as a constant reminder for me to be confident in myself and my capabilities,” said Ydrovo.

Ydrovo hopes that her position as a leader will help incoming students feel this too, she said.

“I hope that incoming students feel that they too can and will have a place here at Quinnipiac and that they are not alone,” said Ydrovo. “One of the things I constantly mention is that everyone is going through the same experience whether they realize it or not. As Orientation Leaders, we have all been in their shoes before and it is completely OK to have those nerves and fears, but to also know that at the end of the day things will work out.”

Ydrovo believes she made the right choice being in a leadership position, she said. She went on to explain that the experience positively impacts first-year students and herself.

“It is a very rewarding position and experience that allows people with different backgrounds, stories and experiences to shine and support others,” she said.

Ydrovo looks forward to this year’s Orientation experience and all of the fun, memorable events it entails, dancing being one of her favorites.

“I’ll never forget my most memorable moment being an Orientation Leader,” she said. “It was when me and my fellow Orientation Leaders performed a flash mob dance on the Quad during Welcome Weekend, it put me out of my comfort zone yet was tons of fun.”

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