Physical therapy doctoral students urged to change lives for the better — beginning with each other

The Doctor of Physical Therapy Class of 2023 was officially cloaked on Friday at the Katherine Harris White Coat Ceremony on Quinnipiac’s North Haven Campus.

Chair of Quinnipiac’s Physical Therapy Department and Assistant Professor Ken Kosior said the cohort personifies perseverance.

“Their will and determination to pursue professional aspirations throughout an unprecedented global pandemic will leave a lasting impression on the Quinnipiac PT community. The group’s adaptability and grit has been evident as they collectively navigated both personal and academic challenges,” he said.

The keynote address for the ceremony was delivered by Co-Founder and Co-CEO of ACCESS PT Steve Albanese ‘98, who earned his degree in physical therapy from Quinnipiac.

“Today, I am more optimistic than ever about the opportunities for physical therapists to have a greater impact on those we serve, to improve health outcomes, and to add value to the healthcare system,” Albanese said.

Albanese encouraged the students to be encouraged, inspired and improved.

“Surround yourself with those who inspire you and bring out the best version of yourself,” he said.

Albanese left the students with a piece of advice: “Love what you do and why you do it.”

Brittni Balletto ‘20, DPT ‘23 encouraged her peers to never stop believing in themselves.

“You have certainly proved it these past three years that even in the face of adversity, unpredictability and a global pandemic that you are strong, you are smart and you are capable of making a difference in this world,” Balletto said.

Balletto concluded by reminiscing on the support, friendships and successes that she and the other students found throughout their time at Quinnipiac.

“As PTs, we are in the business of changing lives, but I didn’t know that began with changing each other right here within the walls of this school,” she said. “As you walk out of this room tonight, wear that coat proudly and hold your head up high; you have made it here because you deserve to be, because you have worked to be and because you have chased your passions fiercely.”

Two students posing in their white coats for a photo.Student stands on a podium giving a speech.A speaker stands on the stage giving a speech.Two individuals on stage looking at each other, smiling.Someone holds a program that reads Students in the audience smiling, laughing.Students walking in with their white coats, smiling at the camera.Students on stage getting their white coats put on them.A student walking up to the stage holding their white coat.A student with their white coat on smiles at the camera.The DPT Class of 2023 stands on steps posing for a class photo.Students grabbing goodie bags after the DPT White Coat CeremonyStudent opens a personalized cup as a gift after their white coat ceremony.A group of three students smiles for a photo5 individuals in a family stand on stairs to smile for a photo.A student is hugged lovingly after the white coat ceremony.

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