Public safety officer answers call to serve students

October 15, 2018

Ray Ciarelli Headshot

Quinnipiac public safety officer Ray Ciarlelli has spent the last six years answering the call to duty with professionalism and kindness. His commitment to service and the safety of our students, faculty and staff is why he will be honored Oct. 18 with a 2018 Center for Excellence in Service to Students Award.

“Ray promotes a positive and helpful attitude to anyone he comes in contact with, whether it be students, staff or parents,” said Christy Chase, director of Student Health Services.

Chase has known Ciarlelli for more than a decade. For seven of those years, she worked the overnight shift in Student Health Services, a shift when there is often limited staffing. Ciarlelli was always there to help in any capacity so she could focus on treating students.

“Ray goes above and beyond to help others,” Chase said. “He truly exemplifies an outstanding employee, and I feel that he is worthy and deserving of this award.”

Ciarlelli works collaboratively with faculty, administration and staff to perform his job at a high level and to keep our community safe. Theresa O’Connor, a nurse in Student Health Services, learned this one day when she responded to an emergency call. A diabetic student had a seizure and passed out in the shower. His roommates were frantic.

Ciarlelli was the first one on the scene. When he arrived, Ciarlelli was quick to cover the student's body and drape a blanket over his shoulders, continually reassuring him that he would be OK. Ciarlelli called 911 and remained with the student until a transport vehicle arrived.

“I was struck by Ray’s kindness and consideration,” O’Connor said. “He was diligent in protecting the student's privacy and was a calming presence to all of his suitemates.”

Each day, Ciarlelli is accessible, compassionate and resourceful. They are his most important tools as a public safety officer at Quinnipiac.

“These are just a few examples of his attention to the well-being of our community,” O’Connor said. “We are always in good hands when Ray is involved.”

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