School of Medicine celebrates Class of 2024 physician officers’ military promotions

Quinnipiac celebrated the military promotions of four officers upon their completion of the Health Professionals Scholarship Program (HPSP) as members of the Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine Class of 2024.

During a special ceremony on May 10 at the North Haven Campus, representatives of associated military branches promoted Josiah Douglas MD ’24 to Captain, US Air Force; Derek Paradis MD ’24 to Captain, US Army, and both Jonah Cremin-Endes MD ’24 and Brendan Lilley MD ’24 to Lieutenant, US Navy.

Through the Army, Navy and Air Force, the HPSP offers military scholarships to assist with civilian medical school tuition. In addition to attending medical school with their Class of 2024 peers, the military scholars attended officer training for their specific service and participated in annual training periods of 45 days in research rotations or performing clinical rotations at military hospitals.

Department of Medical Education Assistant Clerkship Director of Psychiatry Dr. Carla Schnitzlein, who served 10 years as an Army psychiatrist, advised the HPSP group. At the ceremony on May 10, Schnitzlein provided compelling remarks about the impact they will make in the lives of others as they begin careers in medicine with the military.

“You have all committed yourselves to a life of service. Service to your patients and your country. Each of you has chosen to walk a path that few physicians choose,” said Schnitzlein. “You will join the ranks of military physicians, past and present, who served as healers and leaders to those who raised their hand in service to our country.”

Schnitzlein said Lilley’s direct nature and easy confidence will serve him well as an orthopedic surgeon. She felt Cremin-Endes’ kindness and empathic nature will help those struggling with psychiatric illness, as well as creating an environment where others will thrive. In Douglas, Schnitzlein said she sees a calm disposition and resilient demeanor which will bolster the confidence of his patients and fellow service members. She said the willingness demonstrated by Paradis to engage in a crisis and lead from the front will inspire other leaders, as well.

“I am so proud of each of you, and really humbled to call you colleagues in military medicine,” said Schnitzlein.

Schnitzlein also recognized the support provided by family and friends attending the ceremony. 

“You truly have been the backbone for these gentlemen as they’ve embarked and continued on this journey, and we would not be sitting here today without you,” said Schnitzlein. “Families, friends, you truly have my gratitude.”

As visiting military representatives posted each order of promotion, family members helped to pin each service member’s new rank insignia to their military uniforms for the first time, followed by the administering of the oath of office.

Schnitzlein told the new physicians and officers that the day’s promotions were a sign of faith in each of them, and of the confidence that the military has placed upon them.  

“I implore you to continue striving towards excellence, and I have no doubt you will continue to behave admirably as physicians and officers,” Schnitzlein said.

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