Students come together to offer tutoring, physical education to employees’ kids

November 30, 2020

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Quinnipiac Athletics and the School of Education have teamed up to find a creative way of developing their skills while lending a helping hand — or Bobcat paw — to faculty and staff who have their children learning remotely due to the pandemic.

The 50-plus Quinnipiac students will offer personal tutoring and athletic training sessions via Zoom for university employees’ children who are between 5 and 12 years old. There are currently 30 School of Education students available to offer tutoring, and at least one representative of each of the university’s 21 sports teams.

“This year has proven difficult for all the faculty, staff and students and we want to channel our energy to enhancing our own community,” explained Grace Markey, a co-captain of the Quinnipiac women’s ice hockey team and a biology major. “The Quinnipiac faculty and staff often get their children involved in things on campus, whether that is showing them around campus or bringing them to sporting events. Since that is not possible this year, to help to maintain this bond between the faculty and the students, I wanted to reach out to help them in a positive way.”

Markey, who began babysitting when she was 13, said she still loves to work with children when she returns home to Michigan each summer. She also has served as a counselor at the girls’ hockey camps at Quinnipiac each summer.

“So many of the leadership skills that I have developed over the years at Quinnipiac have helped me to initiate this program,” she said. “I have also become very detail-oriented and organized from hockey and have applied these skills to arranging this initiative.”

Markey, who plans to attend medical school next year, said she hopes the children have fun, and meet new potential mentors.

“As a kid growing up, I had several mentors who truly shaped me into who I am today,” she said. “It would be satisfying to know that I have helped our Quinnipiac community in this time of isolation. I also hope that the faculty and staff feel more connected to students.”

"During non-COVID times, we hold after-school programs for elementary and secondary schools, tutoring and leading STEM activities in local schools," explained Megan Cunneen, a student in the School of Education. "We hope to provide some help to these students who might be struggling or need extra help now that many schools are online."

Students who wish to volunteer, or faculty or staff who would like to enroll their children should email Markey. Please specify which aspects of the program you are interested in (athletics or academics) and the age of the child.

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