Students explore the complexities of the London brand abroad

June 09, 2023

student and professor smile in front of an underground sign for bond street

There is no better way to experience another culture, city and brand than to fully immerse yourself in it. Twelve Quinnipiac students did just that this May during their course trip to London.

five students pose in front of the gates at buckingham palace

Buckingham Palace was one of the first stops right off of the plane, displaying how important the monarchy is, not only to London, but to Great Britain. Photos such as these take determination and speed- there is always a crowd trying to do the exact same thing!

group of students watch a tour guide

With such rich history throughout the buildings in London, tour guides can be historians and add context to how the city became the global hub it is today. Tour guides like David even throw quick English wit into the mix, making the walk that much more fun.

female student points at an underground subway sign, male student also looks at the sign

With places to go and people to see, students quickly learned the easiest way to get around: the Underground. Many students knew the Circle Line route by heart and were able to experience the new Elizabeth Line while traversing the city. 

three brick buildings are in the forefront, a modern glass building is behind them

The city being a blend between the old and the new, students were able to experience London as it was and what it's growing to be just by walking around.

two students pose for a selfie in a park

While exploring the city, students were encouraged to take photos and make memories, leading to many quick selfies.

group of students hold up their phones to take pictures

London has dozens of parks and smoothly blends nature into its urban setting, portraying the area's beauty. Students were quick to take pictures of pelicans as they swam over to investigate the group.

pastries in a glass case

It's important to remember to stop and enjoy the little things, like pastries! Borough Market is one of London's most famous food markets and students were eager to experience all aspects of the culture, including delicious, freshly-made pastries.

two students taste the different truffle oils at a market

Many market stalls allow for quick taste tests, like this booth selling exclusively truffle oil. The chance to taste the difference between handmade white and black truffle oil is one of a kind for people unused to either. Students found the verdict to be that white truffle has a subtler flavor while black truffle is bolder.

red hearts and writing cover a stone wall going far into the distance

A heartbreaking addition to the city is England's National Covid-19 Memorial Wall. Each heart represents a person who passed away during the tragic pandemic and friends and family were encouraged to elaborate on what that person meant to them.

two students smile as a third points at them behind a phone

TikTok on the clock: Students took advantage of famous landmarks to take photos as well as film TikToks, like these two students in front of Big Ben. 

british flags hang between buildings over the street

English pride: Immediately following King Charles III's coronation, flags were posted everywhere. There were hundreds of signs for the new monarch and plenty of trinkets in tourist shops with his face on them.

student reaches out to a trench wall in the dark

The Imperial War Museum was a stop for many, with students being able to experience a recreation of a trench from World War I, track the journies of Jewish people around the world during the Holocaust and also look into the brain's processing of war-based video games. 

student poses smiling in front of a magazine print wall

The Harry Potter studio tour in London was five hours that felt like five minutes. Students were able to see sets, props, makeup and costumes, as well as get a glimpse into how that magic came to life. With many students growing up with Harry, Ron and Hermione, this visit was a dream come true. 

two students take pictures of a man adding graffiti to a tunnel wall

Out with the old and in with the new: London's Graffiti Tunnel is home to some of the city's most creative artists. Students were lucky enough to witness one in action, preparing for a brand-new addition to the colorful scenery. 

two students pose with their audio headsets for their tour

Windsor Castle had self-guided tours, allowing students to explore the grounds, staterooms and St. George's Chapel, the burial place of the late Queen Elizabeth II, at their own pace. Students then ventured out into Windsor to experience a quieter town, a nice break from the nonstop bustle of London. 

three students pose in front of the gates at windsor castle

With every aspect of the trip, the best part was making new friends along the way. From staying up together and watching "Notting Hill," to exploring the city's every nook and cranny, friends were made and tons of fun was had.

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