2024 Summer Orientation in Focus

Members of the Quinnipiac Class of 2028 are taking major strides toward becoming Bobcats as they participate in June Orientation on our Mount Carmel Campus.

Session Six

Two students walk on the quad

Two students shake hands

Students sit in the grass

Student looks at beach ball

Students sit on the steps of the library

Student smiles into the distance

Session Five

Students sit in the crowd wearing yellow shirts

Students walk outside while smiling

Student walks outside wearing yellow shirt

Student walks outside carrying bag

Two students fist-bump

Student walks outside while carrying a white bag

Session Four

Students walk on the quad

Students look at laptop together

Student looks at another student

Student sits on the grass holding candy

Students talk while holding a beach ball

Students stand in a group in front of the clocktower

Session Three

Student smiles and waves to the camera

Students walks out carrying bag and papers

Students wear yellow shirts and read off a sheet of paper

Student smiles in the distance

Two adults walk outside and wave to the crowd

Student carries luggage as they walk outside

Session Two

A group of incoming first-year students laughing

Incoming student giving a high-five to Orientation Leader

Quinnipiac incoming first-year fist bumps Orientation Leader

Quinnipiac first-year hugging their orientation leader

Quinnipiac first-year high-fiving their orientation leader


First-year student smiling and walking out of RecWell

Session One

Group of students walking to the Quad with their orientation leader

First-year quinnipiac student sitting on the quad

first-year quinnipiac student holding a beach ball during Orientation

First-year students smiling as they sit on the quad for Orientation

Quinnipiac clock tower in the distance behind Orientation group

Orientation group laughing and talking

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