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4 Quinnipiac Law alumni nominated to fill vacancies in Superior Court

February 21, 2021

Outdoor view of the Quinnipiac School of Law Center on a bright winter day

Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont recently announced that four Quinnipiac Law alumni would be among 15 jurists nominated to the Superior Court.

“I am incredibly proud that Quinnipiac Law graduates make up more than 25% of the most recently appointed Superior Court judges," said Dean Jennifer Gerarda Brown. "This is a wonderful reflection of our school’s deeply engaged relationship with the Connecticut legal community. Our graduates are leaders in so many realms, and I am thrilled to see their contributions to our state recognized by Governor Lamont as he calls these four individuals to even greater service. They will continue to make us proud as they take on this critically important responsibility to do justice.”

The Superior Court nominees include:

  • John Cirello, a founding partner of Cirello & Vessicchio, LLC
  • William Clark, the chief operating officer for Waterbury Public Schools
  • Angelica Papastavros, an assistant public defender for the New Haven Judicial District
  • Chris Pelosi, a senior assistant state’s attorney in the Judicial District of Hartford
“I am proud to announce one of the most diverse classes of judicial nominations in our state’s history,” Lamont said at the announcement. “This class of women and men bring with them a diverse background of experience and qualifications that meet the high standards that the residents of Connecticut deserve to have serving in leadership positions in the court system.”

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