Accelerated dual-degree student shines in digital marketing internship

July 03, 2024

Photo of Quinnipiac student Riley Propersi standing on the mount caramel campus quad with the Echlin Center in the background

This summer, 3+1 master’s in public relations student Riley Propersi ’25, MS ’26, learns to master the art of communication, blending her academic experience at Quinnipiac with a summer internship at Noble House Media Group.

Joining the award-winning digital marketing agency as a digital marketing intern, Propersi earned an opportunity to expand upon her knowledge and experience in the communications field.

Throughout her internship, Propersi has gained experience creating content calendars, designing social media graphics and working alongside leading managers, copywriters and specialists to enhance the digital presence of each client. Among its diverse clientele, Noble House Media Group serves local businesses, non-profits and corporate entities.

As a recipient of the iQ Career Explorer Scholarship, Propersi was fortunate to receive financial support to pursue this internship. 

“We are thrilled to award the iQ Career Explorer Scholarship to students with unpaid internships for the first time,” said Kafui Kouakou, assistant vice president of career development and experiential learning. “This initiative underscores our commitment to supporting ambitious individuals who are dedicated to gaining valuable experience and advancing their careers, despite financial challenges.”

Considering the high caliber of applicants with a competitive selection process, Propersi said she is honored to receive this recognition and support.  

“It’s a great honor and a significant boost to my confidence and motivation,” said Propersi. “It feels amazing to know that individuals have chosen me because they believe in my future endeavors and want me to excel within this internship.”

As she prepares for a future career in public relations, Propersi is encouraged by both her education at Quinnipiac and her experience at Noble House Media Group.

“My internship offers hands-on experience in my field, allowing me to apply what I’ve learned in my coursework and further develop my skills in content creation, social media strategy and client management,” she said. “This combination is instrumental in preparing me for a successful career in public relations.”

As she has excelled in her position, Propersi is met with gratitude for her academic experience at Quinnipiac for preparing her to successfully take on this opportunity.

“My academic experience at Quinnipiac has equipped me with a strong foundation in public relations principles, strategic communication and digital media skills,” said Propersi. “Courses like The Agency, graphic design and communication research and analysis have been particularly relevant, providing me with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed to succeed in my role at Noble House Media Group.”

During her time at Quinnipiac’s student-run public relations agency course, The Agency, Propersi served as the vice president of social media. Propersi not only credits this course for providing her with hands-on experience, but she also notes the mentorship and support of her two professors, John Powers and Alexander Laskin.

“I would like to thank Professor Powers and Professor Laskin for letting me fulfill the role of vice president of social media at The Agency this past semester,” she said. “It has really prepared me for this internship and the work I’ve been doing at Noble House. They are truly the most down-to-earth and caring professors I’ve had!”

Reflecting on her experience at Noble House Media Group, Propersi has particularly enjoyed the creative freedom and development that this role has offered.

“My favorite part of this internship has been the creative freedom I have when developing content,” she said. “Being able to design graphics and videos that align with the client’s brands and seeing the positive impact of my work on their social media engagement is incredibly rewarding.”

As she continues to shine in her internship, Propersi remains optimistic and motivated toward this internship as well as her future career in public relations.

“I am looking forward to gaining deeper insights into strategic content planning and what it’s like working in the communications world,” said Propersi. “I hope to learn more about the analytics behind social media strategies and how to use data to refine and improve content. I am excited to build stronger client communication skills and understand more about the business side of a media group.”

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