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The world of communications is complex, ever-changing and demanding, but also rewarding for those who are well prepared. In just the past decade, mobile computing and social media have revolutionized communications, interactions and relationships. Everyone is a publisher. Access is constant. Real-time data and analytics provide audience insight, enabling communications optimization. If you're up for working in this new world of communications, Quinnipiac is the perfect place to start.

By the Numbers

93.3% Success Rate

Percentage of 2022 graduating seniors from the School of Communications who have jobs, are continuing their education or are starting their own companies within 6 months of graduation

+46K New Jobs

Over 46,200 new communications jobs expected to be added through 2029 (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics).

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180 Internship Locations

The number of locations where communications students interned across the country during the 2019-20 academic year.

A new world of opportunity

At Quinnipiac’s School of Communications, our point of difference is clear. We provide an education that closely tracks what the markets require, experiential learning opportunities so you can apply that knowledge, and expansive relationships with the top companies to help you gain skills through internships and then land your first job.

Why choose the School of Communications? Hear from some of our students on what drove them to become a Bobcat.

Why I chose Quinnipiac School of Communications video

Why Quinnipiac?

Students share five reasons why they chose Quinnipiac's School of Communications.

Open-Air Studio

Communications students standing at the podium of the open-air studio on the Mount Carmel Campus.

Unleash your creativity in a state-of-the-art setting

Quinnipiac’s School of Communications has created a state-of-the-art open-air studio, located in the school’s atrium in the Center for Communications, Computing and Engineering. Chris Roush, dean of the School of Communications, believes the introduction of this studio differentiates Quinnipiac from other institutions and provides a “wow” factor for prospective students.

“The studio gives our students access to the latest technology, and they experience what it’s like to be live on a remote set, which is basically what this set is,” says Roush. “We’re constantly looking to upgrade our technology so our students can hit the ground running when they graduate.”

The new space features advanced technology including remote cameras, touchscreen switching controls and automated audio that is more advanced than many professional media operations. With Sleeping Giant State Park serving as the backdrop, students will be able to work on a variety of projects and gain invaluable experience and knowledge with access to the 16-by-16-foot studio.

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Our Strategic Plan

The School of Communications has developed a five-year strategic plan that focuses on the student experience. We’re proud of what the school has accomplished during its first 20 years of operation and look ahead with excitement as we help our students become the communicators of the future.

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Behind the scenes of corporate communication, promotion and advertising

Hartford HealthCare Strategic Partnership

Hartford HealthCare and Quinnipiac University have announced a university-wide strategic partnership which will allow students to gain meaningful experience in the field of communications through new experiential learning, internship, and career practicum opportunities. Students within the School of Communications will see firsthand how Hartford HealthCare’s expertise influences the curriculum, adding depth to areas of study including public relations, graphic design and advertising while simultaneously building upon our already expansive interdisciplinary and dual-degree (+) opportunities. By taking advantage of new internship placements with Hartford HealthCare, Quinnipiac graduates will enter the workforce with an intimate understanding of how large-scale teams organize, share and promote vital information on a local and regional level. Through this strategic partnership, students within the School of Communications will:

  • Add depth to areas such as public relations, graphic design, advertising and integrated communications.

  • Take advantage of new internship placements and graduate with an understanding of how large-scale teams thrive.

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Committed to Diversity and Inclusion

Our Mission

The mission of the School of Communications is to educate communications professionals. We prepare active citizens with the tools to be self-reflective critical thinkers, creative problem-solvers and transformative storytellers.

Our Values

The School of Communications faculty and staff believe that the voices of all people should be heard, and that any ensuing debate be based on considered thought and evidence and without any dehumanizing words or actions. 

We believe that educating communications professionals must happen in an environment that is grounded in respect for different cultures and experiences.   

We believe in justice, equality and compassion as principles that guide our decisions and actions. 

We believe in practicing an ethics of care that responds to the needs of each individual in our community. 

We believe that our curricula and classrooms should be inclusive spaces where everyone should feel comfortable to bring their whole selves.    

We believe that students, faculty and staff should reflect the diversity of our society and that they should see themselves represented in the materials that we teach. 

We acknowledge the institutionalized inequalities that limit access to higher education and the ways in which the school has benefited from them, including the indigenous land on which Quinnipiac University stands. 

Our Commitment

The School of Communications reaffirms its commitment to equalizing access to education for all students and will provide resources, recruitment tools and programs to mitigate the challenges that marginalized students face in higher education.

The school will engage in a continual process of self-examination and adaptation that recognizes the ways in which we participate in and benefit from the current system. 

The school will educate students who will be active citizens, eager to join in the building of democracy, and equipped to identify and fight against injustice.

The school will regularly evaluate and inspect our curriculum to ensure it is inclusive and designed to provide students with the concepts and vocabulary they need to effectively communicate in a multicultural society.

The school will participate in a continuing process of growth that is transparent and accountable to all members of our community.

Explore Summer Experiences & Courses

Summer is the best time to accelerate progress toward achieving your academic, professional and personal goals. This is why Quinnipiac is offering a growing list of engaging summer experiences and courses designed to help a diverse group of people of all ages explore their passions.

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Connecting Students and Alumni

The School of Communications’ Alumni Advisory Board provides our students with connections and professional opportunities around the globe. Members of the Alumni Advisory Board bring decades of experience and leadership and provide crucial insight into a broad scope of communications industries in film, graphic design, journalism, media strategy and public relations. They also act as liaisons to a number of leading organizations.

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