Boomer welcomes first-year students to first Orientation of the year

The first Orientation session of 2024 is underway, with Orientation Leaders and staff eagerly welcoming first-year students to campus — a new place to call home as they begin their journey into the next chapter of their lives.

Boomer the Bobcat giving a thumbs up with a family

Boomer wearing a Quinnipiac shirt and taking a photo with a student

Family giving a thumbs up at Boomer the Bobcat

Quinnipiac Orientation Leaders extend their arms out towards Boomer

Quinnipiac orientation students holding their luggage smiling with Boomer

Boomer poses with a Quinnipiac Orientation student

Boomer raises their arms as they take a photo with a Quinnipiac Orientation family


Orientation student smiles next to Boomer

Orientation family happily smiling as they take a photo with Boomer

Boomer takes a photo with a family of four

Orientation family smiles for a photo with Boomer

Boomer poses behind students sitting

Boomer poses for photo

Boomer poses with Tom Ellett

Boomer kneels for photo in front of students

Boomer stands for photo with individuals

Boomer poses with Quinnipiac staff

Boomer stands with two students

Boomer shows a thumbs up taking a photo with M&T Bank Arena representives

Boomer stands with paws out behind individuals

Boomer stands for photo with a family

Boomer poses with student

Boomer sits with students


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