Alumnus partners with students to launch podcast exploring road to national championship

October 03, 2023

Headshot of Keith Woodward

The 10-second overtime thriller clinching Quinnipiac’s first Division I NCCA national hockey championship propelled Keith Woodward, the vice president of facilities operations, into the Quinnipiac Podcast Studio with a game plan for a new podcast, “The Tenth Second.”

“I wanted to tell the story of the 2023 Quinnipiac men’s hockey team winning its first national championship, and the many people involved in the long climb to get there,” said Woodward.

Now, this exciting podcast of unforgettable stories and memorable moments, as told by those who helped power the Bobcats’ 48-year climb to the top, is out in the world. “The Tenth Second” podcast can be downloaded at Apple Podcasts, Spotify and

“A lot of people have reached out to me to say that they’re really enjoying the experience of listening. It’s heartwarming that they’re enjoying it,” said Woodward.

Each episode, hosted by Woodward, has been produced and engineered by film student Justin Moravsky, ’25, and mastered by David DesRoches, Quinnipiac’s director of community programming. Public relations student Jillian Catalano ’23, MS ’24, is the social media coordinator.

Now in his 34th year at Quinnipiac, Woodward earned his bachelor’s degree in marketing and an MBA from Quinnipiac. DesRoches said while Woodward had no previous experience as a podcast developer and host, there is no question he was the perfect person for this project. DesRoches also connected Woodward with Moravsky.

You could tell just by Keith’s excitement and enthusiasm that he was the one to do it. Part of the appeal with Keith is that he is fan, and, similar to a lot of podcasters, he just has a love for what he’s talking about,” said DesRoches.  “I knew Justin could nail the technical aspects of the podcast. I had him as a student for an audio and productions class, and it was clear he had an ear for detail and sound design and editing.”

Woodward said the podcast would not have been possible without the support he’s received from the podcast team and the hard work put in by Moravsky, who worked with Woodward on production for many hours over the summer.

“I’m not an audio technician, so without Justin, there is no project,” said Woodward. “This is truly a collaborative effort between him and I, and we’ve had the added help of Jillian with social media, and the oversight and assistance of Dave DesRoches. It’s a really positive story.”

Moravsky said Woodward was the driving force of the main story elements and brought a wealth of Bobcat hockey program knowledge to the podcast.

“Keith knows so much about the history of the program. It was all about getting the story out there,” said Moravsky. “A lot of what makes editing a good story is taking the concept that you love and translating that into experience. It’s up to the editor to represent the storytelling as best as they can. I hope I was able to do that.”

As for developing the concept, Woodward said inspiration struck within days, if not hours, of Quinnipiac taking the national title.

“I was in Tampa when they won, and just seeing all the Quinnipiac positivity and a lot of great things happening based on this victory the men’s hockey team had, I was truly inspired,” said Woodward.

Woodward’s original concept called for about seven episodes, but podcast ended up with 21.

“As we got into it, it evolved,” said Woodward. “Part of that is because we wanted to tell the story succinctly. We did go back all the way to 1975 and talked to the first coach.”

Woodward said when he sat down with current head coach, Rand Pecknold, as well as a few players, it became apparent there was much more to the story than what he had first mapped out.

“There are so many stories that have built this program and sustained it. You want to make sure you’re getting those stories right,” said Woodward.

From the Bobcat’s humble start as a Division III school with no rink to call their own, to the hiring of Pecknold in 1994 and the dramatic changes that have come under his leadership, Woodward builds the story to its exciting conclusion. The final episodes bring in the players who helped put the puck in the net and change the course of Quinnipiac men’s hockey history.

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