Fellow finds inspiration in positive impact of local government

June 16, 2024

Mariam Saad headshot

Stemming from her interest in law, Mariam Saad ’26, knew she wanted to become a Presidential Public Service fellow to gain experience working in government.

Before her time as a fellow, Saad did not pay much attention to the inner workings of municipal departments. She did not know the roles each department played and the work they did to benefit the town.

Now as a Sustainable Connecticut fellow in the Hamden Mayor’s office, Saad has been able to learn first-hand the importance of each department and how important they are to the function of the town of Hamden and the state of Connecticut.

Saad has felt that she has quickly been learning the importance of each of the departments, but also how unique and the significant impact these departments provide. She has witnessed the impact the departments have had on the improvement of safety, town success and benefits to the town residents.

Though Saad had not paid much attention to the workings of the municipal government before the role, she has felt the impact of the role and how it might play into her future career.

“Although becoming a fellow has furthered my interest in pursuing a career in law in the future, it has also made me consider a career in public service as well,” said Saad.

Saad also felt that she did not know much about the town surrounding Quinnipiac University. Through working in the Hamden Mayor’s Office, she has been able to see first-hand how the town of Hamden functions and the impact the municipal government has.

Learning more about the town has helped Saad feel more excited about her role and the impact she will leave on the community when her time as a fellow is over.

“I am most excited to learn more about the town and getting to know its diverse communities through my work in the mayor’s office,” said Saad.

When her time as a fellow comes to an end, Saad is not only excited to learn more about the town and what it offers to its residents and the Quinnipiac community but also how the experience will have a lasting impact on her and her future career.

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