Predict, understand and solve complex issues

Economists help businesses, nonprofits and government agencies make critical decisions that affect their well-being, bottom line and future development. The ability to perform economic analysis is part of a valuable skillset that lets you influence the world in the ways you find most important. Whether it is improving policy to tackle climate change or improving a business’s performance in the market, an economics major prepares you to have a meaningful impact on the world.

You’ll also learn to analyze individual markets and assess the impact public policy has on the economy. We teach you the quantitative reasoning and critical thinking skills you need to examine social and business problems and determine which roles government and markets should play in solving them.

With the freedom to choose many of your courses, the economics major gives you the flexibility for opportunities such as studying away, completing an internship, and even double majoring in another area of study. You are also able to participate in a number of dual-degree and accelerated programs, combining the BS in Economics with a JD, MBA, MS in Accounting or MS in Journalism, to name a few. Opportunities abound during your time at Quinnipiac.