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Graduates with degrees in arts and sciences have enjoyed the largest growth in employment and pay in the past three decades. This is because modern jobs require a diverse mix of skills and technical proficiencies, and that is exactly what we cultivate. Our curricula incorporate 4 key pillars to prepare graduates for the demands of an evolving job market and ever-changing world. We emphasize applied and experiential learning, 21st-century professional skills and literacies, integrated and interdisciplinary thinking, and a 360-degree advising structure.

A biology professor instructs her students through a laboratory procedure in the Buckman Center Biology Lab on the Mount Carmel Campus

College by the Numbers

95% Major Success

Percentage of our 2020 College of Arts and Sciences graduates who are either employed or in graduate programs.

+10.7% Above Average

Quinnipiac’s 10-year employment rate is 10.7% above the average of all private institutions in the country. It is also 9.7% higher than the national average of all public and private institutions. (Zippia.com, 2018)

Image of the United States with #1 in the middle

#1 Best Employment Rate

For the third year in a row, the career site Zippia ranked Quinnipiac as the best college in the nation for employment 10 years after graduation. (Zippia.com, 2021)

Dean's Message

Dean Adam Roth headshot
Dr. Adam Roth

Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences

Welcome to the College of Arts and Sciences, the academic heart of Quinnipiac University and the institution’s largest, most diverse college. We are recognized as a national leader in integrating career development into the pursuit of a broad education that spans the natural and social sciences, humanities, and fine arts, including leading-edge fields like behavioral neuroscience, data science, and game design and development. Year in and year out we boast one of the highest success rates in the nation (95–99%) for students who are employed full time or in graduate school within six months of graduation.

Even before you arrive on campus, you are guided by a dedicated team of award-winning faculty and staff who work with you to identify plans of study that build on your strengths and align with career paths you will find personally and professionally rewarding. Our curriculum is intentionally designed to merge the intellectual inquiry for which the College of Arts and Sciences is known, with infinite opportunities to apply what you are learning in the classroom to real-world experiences. These include hundreds of local, national, and global internships; study abroad opportunities around the world; faculty-led international courses and faculty-student research projects; and community service initiatives. Mentoring and networking events additionally bring you in touch with more than 55,000 alumni of the University, in addition to our professional and corporate partners.

In the College of Arts and Sciences, you will develop the interdisciplinary skills and abilities needed to excel in the 21st-century workforce and contribute to solving society’s most pressing, global issues. In fact, graduates with degrees in the arts and sciences have enjoyed the largest growth in employment and pay in the past three decades. Numerous studies indicate this trend will only accelerate in the future, favoring individuals who possess the integrative skills, mental elasticity, and human literacy for which graduates of the College of Arts and Sciences are known.

As a graduate of the College, you’ll join the ranks of Bobcats all around the world working in companies as diverse as Blizzard Entertainment, ESPN, Harper Collins Publishers, Estee Lauder, NASA, Amazon, Apple, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, and many more. Whether you study data science or game design, English or theater, or combine majors to fit your interests and goals, you will embark on the experience of a lifetime and a lifetime of success in the College of Arts and Sciences at Quinnipiac University.

From the classroom to the community and out into the world

Our students don’t wait until graduation to start leaving their mark on the world. They experience how groundbreaking legislation and public policies are shaped from congressional offices in Washington, D.C., and contribute to the design and development of new video games from developers such as Electronic Arts and Blizzard. Others publish real scientific research and study major health issues from inside some of the world’s most vulnerable regions. Students have every opportunity to engage their passion thanks to a powerful alumni network, deep internship pool, interdisciplinary projects and volunteer opportunities.

They also are able to begin blazing their own trails because of the example their professors set for them. Scholars, artists and scientists, our faculty are active and highly respected in their fields. They excavate 4,000-year-old archeological dig sites, publish avant-garde poetry, and direct community outreach programs based on the power of hip-hop music. Perhaps most importantly, they are eager to bring their students along on those journeys.

Why Quinnipiac? Hear from some of our students on why they chose to become a Bobcat.

Two arts and sciences students and their professor read equations on a chalkboard

Why Quinnipiac?

Students share 5 reasons why they chose Quinnipiac’s College of Arts and Sciences.

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